Flood Warning Lifted in Monroe County

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STROUD TOWNSHIP -- The waters of McMichaels and Pocono Creeks in Stroudsburg were swollen and running swiftly after steady rain fell hard here in Monroe County.

While this area was under a flood warning, the streams and creeks remained within their banks.

For people out and about in Stroudsburg, the wet weather only posed a threat to their moods.

“I'd like it a little sunnier and a little warmer,” said Diane Williams from Bushkill.

“Well I go to East Stroudsburg University campus and back, so walking to my car and everything it's not that nice out,” said Kelsi Komoroski from Stroudsburg.

“I'm ready for warm weather and some sunshine,” said T.J. Hannon of Stroudsburg.

Pocono Creek was also running rapidly in Stroud Township, while heavy rain collected on roads and parking lots, making travel conditions a little tricky.

“It's pretty bad out here and I got to drive all the way back to Philadelphia tonight so it's wild weather, conditions for stopping it's pretty bad,” said Saeed Smith of Philadelphia.

“I mean there's potholes and that's when you get the big kaboom and splashes,” said Williams.

And after the long tough winter, folks here said they are fed up waiting for spring.

“Yeah, I'm wondering when it's going to be nice, I guess May will be better, April showers,” said Smith.

“It was beautiful weather this time last year and now it's just like April showers are heading on into May,” said Komoroski.