Man to Ride Bike Cross Country for St. Jude’s

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LEHMAN TOWNSHIP -- What started out as a fitness goal for one man in Luzerne County turned into a fundraising goal for the St. Jude Children's Hospital.

Starting Friday, Seth Gollhardt of Lehman Township is riding his bike across the country to raise money for the hospital in Tennessee.

Gollhardt is packing for a four-month cross-country trip. But he can't take any more than 80 pounds worth of clothing and supplies. That's because he's making the trip on his bike.

"Once I got into biking, and it was really helping me out, I always need a challenge, so I figured what bigger challenge than to ride my bike all the way across the country?"

But Gollhardt isn't just doing it for himself. He is a franchise owner for nine Domino's Pizza locations in Luzerne and Lackawanna Counties. He's riding to raise money for the annual Domino's St. Jude's fundraising campaign.

Domino's has always had a close relationship with the St. Jude Children's Hospital, and that's why Seth says fundraising for them makes this bike ride worthwhile.

"It costs $1.9 million a day they say to run the thing, and they fund it all from donations, from private donations, so they really need the money for the kids," said Gollhardt.

Christine Bynon has been working for Seth for five years in his Dallas location. She says he started planning the bike ride years ago.

"He's been training and working on this. He's very, very passionate about St. Jude's. He's very, very passionate about cycling and thought might as well mix the two and do a great cause," said Dallas Domino's manager Christine Bynon.

Seth leaves from New Jersey and will ride through Pennsylvania, Ohio, and the midwest across to Oregon. He plans to ride 50 miles a day and do fundraisers along the way, including stopping at the Domino's in Pittston next Thursday, May 8 for a fundraiser from 4 to 8 p.m.

"I have to go somewhere, and that's why I think I'm riding across the country because I have to get somewhere, not just stay in one place and spin," said Gollhardt.

If you'd like to follow Seth's ride or donate, click here.