Does It Really Work? Help Kurt Put the PaperKarma Junk Mail App to the Test

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We need your help with this week’s “Does It Really Work” test!

We’re asking all DIRW fans with smartphones to help us test PaperKarma!  The best part, you can test it in the comfort of your own home without tv cameras.

What is PaperKarma?  An app for your smartphone.  The maker claims, it will eliminate junk mail and catalogs that come to your home.  How?  You download the free app to your smartphone , take a picture of the junk mail you received and send it to PaperKarma.  That’s it!  Your information is then deleted from the mailing

No more junk mail or catalogs!  The question we always ask.  Does It Really Work?

Where can I download the PaperKarma app?
Android users click here.
iPhone/iPad users click here.

How can I keep Kurt updated on your PaperKarma experience?
Tell us how easy or difficult it is to download the app and after a month or two, let us know if you’re still getting junk mail by:

Emailing Kurt at (Does It Really Work)
Tweet us updates at @wnep #DIRW
or join us on Facebook.

Check out Kurt’s instructional video below:

We'll monitor your e-mails, Tweets and Facebook comments over the upcoming weeks and share your feedback with everyone.

Thanks for helping us answer the question "Does It Really Work?"  We're looking forward to hearing from you!