Company Helps Family After Pet Donkey Dies

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CLINTON TOWNSHIP -- An Amish family in Lycoming County got a special delivery on Tuesday, about two weeks after a beloved family pet was shot and killed.

Folks from Express Energy Services in Clinton Township, near Montgomery, paid for a four-month-old miniature donkey for the family.

Last week, they learned that the local family's miniature donkey, named Eeyore, was shot and killed.

Police charged three teenage boys with the crime. Those teens are also charged with destroying nearby mailboxes.

"I'm an animal lover and I initially said so we have to do something. So, I came to work and asked the guys at work to pitch in and got a hold of a donkey breeder and got it taken care of the same day," said Beth Hoffman of Express Energy.

Express Energy Services is a company that provides services to gas drillers.

It is based in Clinton Township, not far from the Amish farm where the donkey was killed.

"I just don't understand why they would do something like that. It just doesn't make sense, you know," said Michael Steele of Express Energy.

The workers raised $400 and the breeder pitched in the rest of the cost, plus the transportation from the farm in Bradford County.

"As soon as we saw it on the news, we knew that we wanted to do something and it wasn't long and the phone was ringing and Express Energy wanted to do something and we said, well, we would make it work," said Angie Sechrist of Sechrist Farms.

The Amish are traditionally private people and did not want Newswatch 16 at their farm when the donkey was delivered.

The folks who made the special delivery said it was a good feeling to do something for that family.

"I like helping others, especially our community, and people who really didn't deserve it to happen to the family or the pet, so it's really nice to help others out," said Hoffman.


  • Elyn

    It’s amazing that people are so angry in this country. If you don’t want to read something positive in the news and just want to B&%$# and complain do it to someone who cares. I mean GOD forbid we add something positive to the news. If all the miserable degenerates would take all the time they do complaining and put it towards an excellent education MAYBE they would learn something they could maybe do to better the tax situation they so desparately want people to hear about!!!!!( Oh and you should learn about your target audience, comments section of an animal story is not where you want to get this message out) Then we could say you are atleast productive human being and a positive asset to this society.. But I am sure you are too miserable and the world is against you to actually go and apply yourself!

      • Elyn

        Clearly you missed Steve and Ben’s comments on how this isn’t news and they would like to march to the court house and protest about taxes. I was just saying angry people like them should find a better target audience.. IF they didn’t like the article they shouldn’t have clicked on it…

  • Julia Gumm

    People get behind an animal story because it’s not a typically fractious issue whereas what taxes we levy are. Even if a human gets killed, there are going to be people who think it was their fault for hanging with a bad crowd or wearing the wrong clothes or being naive. But the truth is, we can all agree that animals are innocent. They have nothing to do with the hateful and ridiculous ways we lead our lives, they are just bystanders. And the people who do terrible things to them obviously have no motives whatsoever besides taking pleasure in harming a being who can’t really fight back. Duh.


    no kidden the kids killed the donkey, she is trying to point out look at all the comments on this story cause its an animal and hardly as many on other MORE NEWSWORTHY STORIES….DUHHHHHHH

    • DE

      Thank you for saving me the time copying and pasting the headline and citing the correction! But for drama, let’s do it anyway!
      “Company Helps Family After Pet Donkey Dies,” The animal didn’t die, he was slaughtered by the offspring of n’er do wells. Oh, and WNEP, that report comment hit was an accident, was meaning to reply button! Maybe I was thinking of the erroneous headline at the time?!

  • Rose of the garden!

    oh boy someone p’d off the animal lovers, hey i love animals to but this is newswatch 16 lets report real news to maybe get real fixes. i guess i am agreeing with the underdogs here but then again most people are out of touch with reality —–}–<

  • Victoria Mt.Top

    Yes fratboy your name says it all. Couldn’t stand guys like you in Wilkes. I do agree with there conservative values. Much more important issues then this go ben (too bad you weren’t at my college) I had all liberals

  • Fratboy

    Oh, Ben and Steve. How can you both share the same stick? Isn’t nice to know that in this cutthroat world we can cling to some ‘semblance of humanity? There is more at stake, here, than your dollar and change in taxes. At least with my head in the sand, I don’t have to look at your grimacing expressions as you rotate that stick.

  • Steve from wb

    well i agree with Ben didn’t know you were still alive. yes people do need to wakeup and there are far more important issues we should get together on then a donkey. get real people our county is corrupt when do you want to meet at the courthouse and protest that.

    • Jeff Jay

      It’s nice to see something good in the news for a change rather than scumbags killing, raping, or molesting. We don’t need the news to tell us that this area is full of corruption, nepotism, and losers. People like you remind us daily.

  • Ben Franklin

    I like how people get together over ANIMALS but yet look another way at humans. Hey ya its a crime what the kids do but lets fix the real problems. Lets march to the county courthouse and get the taxes straightened out. GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE SAND PEOPLE!

    • me

      Steve and Ben: If I could rate you out to the Max, I would, you heartless creeps. Save your tax whining for an article about taxes, and be happy for the children (people) who had their pet replaced.

    • Steve S

      People are capable of defending themselves, most anyway. Animals, not souch. You can tell a lot about a society by the way they treat their young and animals. The reaction to some scum kids slowly killing a donkey says a lot too. Sadly, people being angry at the donkey says more. Its sad that this area has so many small minded morons with internet access.

  • Nancy

    Glad to see the kindness of others. Hope those boys learned a lesson that will be with them for the rest of their lives too.

  • Donna Jenkins

    This is wonderful to read something uplifting like this. Unfortunately, there had to be those boys who killed the animal, but good people set this in motion. Kudos guys!

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