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Death Investigation In Schuylkill County

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WEST MAHANOY TOWNSHIP -- A man was found dead inside his home in Schuylkill County early Monday morning. Police say his death is a suspected homicide.

West Mahanoy Township police and state police have been on the scene all day.

The Schuylkill County coroner confirms that a 50-year-old man was found dead inside a home on Wylam Street in West Mahanoy Township, near Frackville.

The coroner calls this a "possible" homicide investigation.

Another man was inside a police car all morning. He was eventually taken to the nearby Shenandoah police department.

Police have not yet released his name or the name of the dead man.

Neighbors say two men live inside the home and they're upset to hear about the death.

"I just moved in to the neighborhood and I just think this is shocking that something like this could happen down the street," said Tina Mackalavage.

Police have a search warrant and are began searching the home Monday afternoon.

The Schuylkill County coroner says an autopsy is planned for Tuesday.


  • mdog

    Respect this comment please:
    Wife and i arrived into W.B. on buss and went to coffee shop at 9:pm.
    Called for taxi who said they be there in 15 min.
    They drove right by, Why ? Because a group of Well tanned young men
    where right in our path with a crow bar smashing the living guts out of a
    pay phone for the money inside. We decided we had no choice but to walk home
    past this “group” with her $400 camera around my neck.
    She was 7 months pregnant at the time.Luckily i didn’t have to
    engage with them.They made the right decision to allow us through.
    Now for the good part that was 26 years ago.Tell things improved
    i don’t think so. But i bet there are no more phone booths on the side walks.?

  • Lene

    I live one block away from this and this is NOT a scary place even at 2am! Nothing like this happens in our quiet little neighborhood.

  • Ted

    Theres something wrong with that place.
    They’re constantly in the news down there for murders,
    shootings, arsons, bodies found in the woods, you name it.
    Did they ever find out why that Tamaqua woman on her
    way to work was found dead in the bushes there??
    What is it with those people??
    Maybe theres demonic cult worshipers in the area.
    I won’t even stop there for gas I can tell you that much.

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