UPDATE: Meth Lab Investigation

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TAMAQUA -- Police said they are looking for Kelsey Anderson and Michael Hill after a fire at an apartment in Schuylkill County that led to the discovery of meth making materials.

According to officials, the fire broke out Wednesday night on West Broad Street in Tamaqua.

Authorities said when they arrived at the scene they noticed items used to cook meth.

Originally, police said Thomas Heiser was also wanted in connection with the crime, but he is no longer a person of interest.

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of Kelsey Anderson or Michael Hill is asked to call police in Schuylkill County.


  • john jackson

    Well Kelsey is finally caught just witnessed her being arrested in front of tommies hoagie shop in tamaqua . Four vop cars were surronding her while in handcuffs and they were looking around for someone else who fled the scene.

  • ME

    Drugs—-the crutch of the stupid and weak, who can’t face reality and their feelings. Oh, you’ll make money, but what’s the cost?

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