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Victims Identified in Double Homicide

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HUNLOCK TOWNSHIP -- A father and son are dead, and two people are in custody.

Holly Crawford and James Roche of Ross Township were arrested in connection with the double homicide.

State police said they were called to a home on Sunset Lake Road in the Hunlock Creek area early Wednesday afternoon.

There, they said they found Ronald Evans, 73, known as Barney, and his son, Jeff Evans, 43, shot to death.

Troopers began to search for Holly Crawford and her boyfriend, James Roche, of nearby Ross Township.

Fearing they were armed and dangerous, nearby schools were put on lockdown and people were told to stay in their homes.

"He just said that there were people on the loose that they wanted to capture, and go back up into my house and lock the doors and lock the windows and stay inside," said Pat Wasiakowski of Ross Township.

News of the double homicide made some folks nervous.

"Back years ago, it was calm and peaceful, but now you can't walk down the street without getting shot," said Rich Deem of Berwick.

Investigators said, in a matter of hours, James Roche and Holly Crawford were found.

State troopers said they were hiding in a wooded area near their home on Dobson Road in Ross Township.

Crawford has been in trouble before.

In 2010, she was convicted of animal cruelty for piercing kittens and trying to sell them as goth kittens.

"I knew she had some problems, and I knew James had given some of the neighbors up that way some trouble with drinking and guns, so yeah, it's not a complete surprise," said Wasiakowski.

Emory Kocher said he was best friends with Jeff Evans for years.

"Total devastation. He was like my brother. The father, they were both good people. They wouldn't hurt nobody," said Emory Kocher of Kingston.

Kocher said Barney Evans had a personal relationship with Crawford, and when he went to her home on Easter Sunday, a man there put a gun to Evans' head and threatened to kill him.

"The boyfriend came out with a gun and put it to his head, and said he was gonna blow his brains out next time he saw him, and Barney, he said he called the police, and the girlfriend made it look like Barney was the liar for being there, so then Barney called me up and asked me about a certain gun, and I told him I could get him a gun, and Monday came and that was the last time I talked to him in the morning," said Kocher.


  • shigeo hoshino 栄生 星野

    from after i became junia high school boy ,untill i got drugstore,i allways want gun,but now it is better that i had not gun,from now untill i die i never get gun ,if the other people had gun .

  • Barbara Muscovitch

    My family have known the whole family for many years. My son was Jeff’s best friend since he was 3 years old. These scum people are all over the country any more. Prison is to good for them, I have always believed in Capital punishment. Love Texas they take care of this trash the right way.

  • Ted

    Get a permit and arm yourself.
    You almost have to nowadays.
    If not you’re a prime target for thugs like these.
    You’d be amazed at how fast these punks get
    religion when they realize they’re a target too.

  • Amanda Hamilton

    Jeff and Barney were two of the nicest people I know. Growing up, them two guys were always there to help my mom with anything she needed to help raise me. Jeff had me all the time, he took me to the movies, and everything. I feel like a lost like two father figures from my childhood cause of the stuff they did for me. I’m sorry if your related to James or holly, but they deserve to rot. I’m sorry if you disagree, but because of their childish and stupid ideas, two amazing guys are dead.

  • Rich

    Well first off…I’m very sorry for the Evans family for their loss. It shouldnt of gone that far….James aka Jimmy in our family…was my step brother for 10+ years growing up. We are country folks. Our brothers and I were raised properly. Given every advantage to better our lives growing up. This is a cut and dry case of temp insanity if you ask me. The news is only gicing half the story because if you were around Jim the months leading up to this there were no indications this was going to happen. Holly and Jim had their problems but Jim was getting back on track. This seems like a jealousy issue that honestly went to far. Again I’m sorry for the Evans Family and their loss. And this post was not to take away from that tragedy. Just never in a million years did we think Jim would do something like this.

    A sad younger brother

    • Christopher Boos

      Rich, I’m sorry for your loss, too. I just found out that one of my friends was arrested for hurting a little kid. I mourn for his victims, and I detest what he did; still, I’m saddened by the loss of my friend. Nothing changes that. Again, I’m sorry, Rich.

  • Julie

    I knew both these men and they were the best ppl youd ever want to know. They would give u the shirt off their back in a snow storm to some one in need. I think this is horrible. Rip Barney and Jeff!!

  • Chris

    Desiree, us country folk don’t always stick up for each other but when it’s someone elses fault for the f- up we will point it out to the T. And if you didn’t realize The 2 idiots were from the country and I’m not sticking up for them. I hope they get more than whats coming to em. Death penalty can always come back in PA.

    • James

      Like the way they gave Geoge Banks the death penalty for killing 13 people back in 1982 . The death penalty is no deterrant to violent crime He killed6 of his own children and their mothers and innocent people on the street. DEATH PENALTY IS BULLSHIT

      • Chris

        George Banks was a lunatic who deserved to be treated the same as his victims but was not. Just like these 2 should be treated the same as their victims but we all know that won’t happen either. We all know the death penalty doesn’t actually do anything anymore but neither does life sentencing. They will have it better in there than most of us have in the real world. 3 meals a day,tv, books 2 read, showers, and have it paid for by the taxpayers. But 2 life sentences only means 40 years in prision. They can still come out of prision in about 40 years and that is not comforting to know.

      • joe

        You do realize “death penalty” is just a phrase anymore. Banks is still on deathrow costing tax payers millions for years and the chances these two get the “death penalty” are slim. Put them away for life and keep the tax paying at a minimum instead of going through trial after trial.

    • Chris

      If you watched the news report she said “trouble with drinking and guns” the person typing it got it messed up. Simple human error. It shouldn’t take away from the meaning of the story though. People were murdered and 2 idiots are arrested and hopefully will be put away for a long time.

      • Chris

        Desiree, FYII don’t drink! Not all country folk drink. I don’t find any sence in drinking or smoking. Waste of money is all it is. But that is truely besides the point of the story. I don’t know if it sunk into your skull yet that 2 innocent people are dead because of 2 idiots for no reason what-so-ever.

  • stephanie

    why make a joke out of something that is not funny. Two people where killed how would you feel if they where your family. Sometimes I wonder what this world is coming to.

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