Last Minute Easter Errands

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LACKAWANNA COUNTY---The parking lot is packed at Schiff's in Dickson City.

"Lot of running around to all the different stores today, so and it's hectic wherever you go," said Mary Anne Bordo, who was out with family running last minute Easter errands.

Inside Schiff's, people shopped for Easter staples.

The staff was busy, taking orders, restocking and ringing up purchases.

"Ham, kielbasa, sausage and whatever did we get. Provolone cheese, you name it. Stuffed shells, chicken cutlets," said Bordo.

A flower tent in Dickson City has been busy all week as people scooped up colorful blooms for Easter.

"We're picking up flowers for my grandma and we're picking up flowers also for my nana in Long Island," said Alexandra Bell of Dickson City.

"My mom is a horticulturist, believe it or not and so we're going out to Long Island to see her and my dad and we're picking out just the right flowers so we stopped by here to see what they had and found what we wanted," added Debra Bell of Dickson City, Alexandra's mother.

In Peckville, there is the sweet smell of chocolate at Chocolate Creations.

There has been a lot of hustle and bustle there, too.

"This is one of the busiest times of the year and this is when everybody comes out and the last 3 days have been our busiest," said Frank Mazzarella, of the business.

For many, a stop at the sweet shop is an Easter tradition.

One last minute shopper told Newswatch 16 she wishes she could have gotten to the store earlier.

"I had to wait, there was some problems and I didn't get here on time or I would have had my apples. I wanted chocolate covered apples but they're sold out so I'm going to do the chocolate covered potato chips," said Monyean Patrick.

Whether it is flowers, candy, ham or kielbasa, folks Newswatch 16 spoke with said there will no doubt be last minute Easter errands to run right up until Easter Sunday.