UPDATE: Corrections Officer Slashed By Convicted Killer

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JACKSON TOWNSHIP — State officials said a corrections officer at the state prison near Dallas has been released from the hospital, after he was slashed in the face by an inmate in Luzerne County.

Emergency dispatchers said the call came in of a stabbing at the State Correctional Institution near Dallas around 7:30 p.m. Thursday.

Troopers identified the inmate responsible for the slashing as Joel Perez.

Court records said Perez is serving a life sentence for a 1996 murder conviction in Lancaster County.

Authorities said Perez was moved to another state prison, but he has not yet been charged for the alleged slashing.

Investigators identified the injured corrections officer as Francis Petroski.

In a written statement, the prison superintendent commended Petroski and other corrections officers, who quickly restrained Perez after the attack.

People who live near the state prison and know officers inside SCI Dallas said the lockup can be a dangerous place to work.

“They’re basically just going in there to do their job, and this is what they get. I really don’t think they get paid enough money to go through this right now,” said Esther Morgan. “Hopefully they can carry some kind of Taser or pepper spray or something to defend themselves. I mean, it’s a state prison. It’s like you going in there, unarmed.”

State corrections officials told Newswatch 16 that corrections officers who work near inmates are not allowed to carry guns or pepper spray for safety reasons.

Officials said the state prison near Dallas is on lock down until further notice.

A statement said visitation has been cancelled and inmates will be fed in their cells until he lock down is lifted.


  • 74899995669121916086

    Life in Pa IS life without parole. All he can get is an additional life sentence tacked on.

  • Regarding

    To Sherry you sdmitted that you are old, so maybe before you judge you should look around, My brother is serving time for a crime he did not commit in 1996, but you were not there to know all the facts. To many witnesses were in fear for their life to tell the truth as they were afraid to be killed. I know as he is my brother. He was framed by people who hated him because they are ignorant. GOD is the only judge, not people like you who are not educated with all the facts. Not all you read in the paper is true. With age comes wisdom which you obviously don’t have, so I will forgive you for you do not know the way of the Lord. Bob and Ellen you two were not there to know if my brother was abused or provoked, but yet quick to judge others, you are the Idiots who do not have all the facts. For the three of you, I forgive your ignorance and pray God will forgive all your sins and allow you to enter into his kingdom.

    • Sherry Getz

      Sorry that I offended you concerning your brother and no I wasn’t there to know all of the facts but I wonder why he would slash the face of a corrections officer that was just sitting at his desk after being convicted of murder.
      Yes I do know a lot about God and I know he has forgiven me for all my sins and now at this point I am leaving this comment and taking my wisdom with me in my old age because i know I am going to God’s kingdom sooner or later so I have no worries.
      Have a nice evening.

  • Denisse

    I like the comment the Chris put yous won’t be talking like that is that was your family member there’s a lot of dirty guard have ya though that maybe the guard did something to him but know yous think because somebody is in prison they are guilty there’s a lot of innocent people behind bars so before yous talk know ur facts

  • Sherry Getz

    I just read in a Lancaster Newspaper that he got life for shooting an 18 year old back in 1966 and this attack, there were two guards sitting at a desk when he walked by and slashed the one on the face.
    Put him to death now before he kills another innocent person.

  • chris

    Dont wish him what you or your family could get tomorrow. No one knows what really happen. There is a lot of innocent people behind bars plus the same Officers are the ones that bring DRUGS, KNIFES, GUNS, CASH, ETC… inside the jail.

    • Sherry Getz

      The guy already went to court,found guilty and was sentenced for murder.
      Now he slashes a guards face while incarcerated at which he most likely figured he isn’t going to get anymore time because he probably got a life sentence anyway so how many others are going to be killed by him or have their faces disfigured by this monster. Come on be real.
      Would you want to be his cellmate?

    • ellen

      QUIT bashing the guards, they do their job without protection, they are in danger everyday. risk not being able to go home to their loved ones to help protect your butt… i would like to see you walk awhile in the guards shoes and see if you think the same way.

    • Lucy

      Chris, I agree with others. You are an idiot. No one said anything about innocent people being in jail. This prisoner slashed a guy from his chin to his ear. And thats right you don’t know what happened or with any situation in that jail because you probably don’t have family who actually works there. Why don’t you just keep your comments to yourself and its very thoughtful of you to say that someone could get that done to them! I would never wish that upon anyone. YOU IDIOT

  • unknown

    SCI dallas prison is getting very bad. I know family members who say there is going to be a riot any day now. With guards bringing in drugs and inmates assaulting staff,Its only a matter of time.

  • Mike

    according to law, perez is elegible for the death penalty now for an assault on corrections staff, because he was doing life

    • gerbilmaster

      Sadly that won’t happen. He may plead guilty and have time added onto his sentence (big deal for him), or request a jury trial which will cost the taxpayers $$. He will vote for the latter so he can get out of the prison for a trial in Luzerne County.

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