Schuylkill County Clerk Of Courts Sends Letter To Governor

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POTTSVILLE -- This was the day that Schuylkill County's clerk of courts was supposed to resign in an investigation that he allegedly misused public money

County officials waited all day for him to return to his office, pack his things, and leave.

We waited all day for Stephen Lukach but he never showed up to get his things. However, the assistant district attorney says Lukach sent his letter of resignation to the governor.

So as of Friday, Lukach is no longer the clerk of courts in Schuylkill County.

The office waited all day for clerk of courts Stephen Lukach but by the end of the day, he was a no show.  Lukach was supposed to come in for his belongings because he planned to resign instead.

"Mr. Lukach has sent a letter to the Governor of Pennsylvania saying that he will cease to be the acting clerk of courts," said Schuylkill County Assistant District Attorney Maria Casey.

Most places you go in Pottsville, people know about the allegations against Lukach.

"I think it's a shame that an elected official could have possibly stolen money from taxpayers," said Karen Gerrity of Hometown.

Lukach has worked for Schuylkill County at the courthouse in downtown Pottsville for more than 20 years.   recently, he announced he would resign as clerk of courts after an audit revealed that Lukach was presenting duplicate checks to the county.

On Wednesday, the FBI and state police searched Lukach's office.  They're investigating whether the clerk of courts used taxpayer money for personal use.  So far, he has not been charged.

That money is supposed to come back into our pockets and help fix up our town. We're the ones who suffer."

Inside the courthouse not many people wanted to speak with Newswatch 16. Several of the workers say they knew Lukach personally and did not feel comfortable discussing the allegations.

"We're trying to run a smooth operation and we're doing alright. We'd like to move on and get things running smoothly," said Deputy Clerk of Courts Paul Steffanic.

Steffanic will serve as interim clerk of courts until Governor Corbett names a replacement for Lukach.


  • Rebecca

    You have to wonder how much of this goes on state-wide. The same auditors see the same things year after year, and I wonder if the auditing just becomes a pro forma thing they have to do, and that’s how these things go unnoticed.

  • DayZ

    We’ll need someone with an amazing talent! The ability to count, balance a checkbook and be honest about it. I hope he finds her.

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