Robotics Team Heads to St. Louis

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TUNKHANNOCK -- It's not all fun and games for the Tigertrons.

They're the robotics team from Tunkhannock Area High School.

The team is gearing up for the a world robotics championship in St. Louis.

"That last two years we didn't do too well, but I think this year we'll do much better," said Nick Morris, a Tigertrons senior.

This year, the Tigertrons' have designed a robot, named Choo-choo, which takes an exercise ball and shoots it into a hoop. Choo-choo also has to stop robots from other teams from doing the same thing.

"This year there's not really much more to it, but it's really hard defense," said Jocelyn Jaskulski, a Tigertrons sophomore.

"We learn things from putting the robot together, business, doing things with the computer programming, electronics. You name it, it's in this package," said Scott Howell, Tigertrons lead advisor.

Team members said they are up against some stiff competition, 400 teams from around the world will also make the trip to St. Louis.

"One is from china, we have several from mexico and quite a few from Canada," said Norris.

Norris knows these competitions can help you in the long run. He plans to major in civil engineering.

"I actually received a scholarship from FIRST robotics to attend Clarkson University and they are going to pay a good part of my tuition for the next four years," said the senior.

The Tigertrons will head to St. Louis on Tuesday and hope to come back to Tunkhannock with a few more banners.