Long Time Clerk Of Courts Resigns Amid Investigation

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A long-time Schuylkill County employee stepped down Thursday amid allegations he took thousands of dollars from the office he has overseen for nearly 30 years.

County officials say Stephen Lukach officially resigned as Clerk of Courts.

It was business as usual here at the Clerk of Courts office inside the Schuylkill County Courthouse, except for one major thing.

Missing in action was Stephen Lukach who has overseen this office for 26 years.

The Schuylkill County’s District Attorney’s office says Lukach has officially resigned.

“Mr. Lukach has sent a letter to the governor of Pennsylvania stating that he will cease to be the Clerk of Courts,” said Assistant District Attorney Maria Casey.

Lukach is stepping down amid allegations by the district attorney he took thousands of dollars of tax payer money from his office for personal use, despite the fact he has not been charged with any crime.

Courthouse officials tells us it will now be up to the governor to appoint a new clerk of courts, during the interim, the deputy clerk will take over as head of the office.

“We`re trying to run a smooth operation and we`re doing alright,” said Deputy Clerk Paul Steffanic. “We`d like to move on and get things running smoothly.”

Just this week the FBI and state police raided Lukach’s now former office.

For people here in Pottsville, Lukach is a well-known public official and this investigation is extremely upsetting.

“This money comes from somewhere and it’s misappropriated and somebody’s got to pay and the people are paying,” said Martin Brennan.

“It’s a travesty, 26 years is pretty, it’s quite a legacy and to ruin it with these allegations is pretty sad,” said Brian De’Andrea.

The investigation into the missing funds is on-going however, once again, Stephen Lukach has not been charged with any crimes.





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