Track and Field Time With Timberwolves

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Zach Dillon finished 5th in the state last year in the AAA Boy's long jump clearing 22 feet 10 1/4 inches. It was 4 inches better than fellow teammate Alize Graham-who finished 9th.

"Talk about doing the long jump. What's the key? Basically for me like mostly I just let my speed take me and I'll try to get the most height that I possibly can so I can get to maximize my distance," said Zach Dillon.

"It's all about your steps because we do 7 steps back and then those 7 steps. It's all about hitting the board explosion-take off. We call it cycling -cycle our legs it pushes us farther and speed-you need great speed and good speed to be a good jumper," said Alize Graham.

Zach's been in this program for 4 years now. Alize came out last year to join his friend here in the long jump. These two have a lot of goals this season. They would love to go 1-2 at MVC's, Districts, and States, and if that happens one of them will become the first track and field athlete in the history of East Stroudsburg North over the last 13 years to win a state title.

"Laughs Ha. Ha. You have to be thinking about that? I am but I don't have to answer to that right now. Would that be kind of a dream though to do that? It would be a good dream and a good goal for our team to set something big," again said Alize.

"We'll both say I'll probably take 1st and you know oh! No. No. He doesn't want to talk about it. We'll we will just let time tell," again said Zach.

"We would love to have a state champion-multiply state champions. We think that between Zach and Alize along with a couple of our sprinters and maybe even a distance kid in the next year or two. We've got a really good chance to be able to put our name on the map as a school to be reckoned with, not only in the MVC, and the new District 11 starting next year, but absolutely in the state as well," said Dave Krupski-East Stroudsburg North.

First friends then teammates-now a fine duo-finishing out a fantastic season.