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Giving Away Easter Meals To Hundreds In Need

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SCRANTON -- Hundreds of families in the Scranton area will have a happier Easter thanks to a big food giveaway on Tuesday.

Friends of the Poor once again gave away hams and all the fixings for an Easter dinner plus baskets for the kids.

We talked to some struggling families who appreciate the help.

As she pushed her twins through the line, Christine Savage of Plains Township said most days can be tough, but thanks to this Friends of the Poor giveaway in Scranton, she knows Easter Sunday won't be one of them.

"It will help them out a lot and my other daughter. It's great for everybody," Savage said.

Friends of the Poor expected to give out 1,500 Easter meals at the former Marian Catholic School.

The room was filled with stories of struggle.

"It's difficult this year, the past couple years and the recession," said one person there.

"It's very hard, especially right now with the economy and I'm a stay-at-home mom. I can't find a job at the moment because I've been out of work so long. It just helps out so much," said Colleen Laggan of Jefferson Township.

Laggan says any help is appreciated. She looks forward to seeing her kids' smiles on Easter Sunday.

"I have three children at home and it helps me give them an Easter they should be entitled to have."

Something new this year: hundreds of Easter baskets are going to families in need. Most of them were made by students at the Catholic schools in the Diocese of Scranton, children thinking of those who are less fortunate.

"Just the numbers who come to us every day, and those that registered for this giveaway shows that there is a great, great need in our area," said Sr. Ann Walsh of Friends of the Poor.

This year, AmeriHealth Northeast teamed up with Friends of the Poor to get all the food. A lot of other donors did, too.

Among the dozens of volunteers making this run so smoothly are students from Valley View High School. They're learning a little lesson in how fortunate they are, as they help so many in need.

"I'm really grateful. Thank you, mom and dad, I'm really grateful. I really am, so it's nice to help other people out," said sophomore Naomi Esteras.

Friends of the Poor help those in need year but they do special food giveaways at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.

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  • tom

    I believe in helping paople in need-but so often these people seem to have unlimited amount in an access card at the grocery store-nails done-designer wonders just how in need some people are.

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