Power Plant Set To Shut Down

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SHAMOKIN DAM -- An electricity generating plant in Snyder County is set to close in June.

Around 60 union employees at Sunbury Generation were told Monday they will no longer have a job.

The coal generation plant in the Hummels Wharf area has been in operation since the 1940's.

The company said new environmental regulations that take effect in 2015 will not make it cost-effective to continue operations.


  • mdog

    Well change is what we got, 10 times worse than expected.
    My buddy has a very clean and cheap high tech coal burner
    with technology we should see see things become more affordable
    but its the opposite.Plus do you really think health care is more
    affordable by adding 10,000 political employees to run the thing?

  • Mitch

    Obama this Obama that. People just use him as a scapegoat to prevent them from actually thinking of the real causes of problems. If anyone else had been elected this would still be happening.

    • John

      Mitch, you really have your head in the sand. The only reason this plant was closed is because of obama. Read Rules For Raticals and you might start getting it.

  • jim

    I wonder how many of those union workers followed their union orders and voted for Obama, not just one time but both elections I guess they are getting what they asked for.

    • Jimbobbillyjoe

      Ah Men MDOG ! Another Obama decision that puts Americans out of work. Wait until it totally devastates Western Pennsylvania of which it has already started. Let alone West Virginia and Southwest Virginia.

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