Two Child Endangerment Cases in Luzerne County

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LUZERNE COUNTY -- On March 7th, authorities responded to a home in Edwardsville for a horrific smell on Jackson Street.

Six children from Jackson Street in Edwardsville are in foster care after their home was found unfit for habitation.

The parents, Tim and Carol Kennedy face child endangerment charges.

Police said last month they found a dead dog in the basement with three children playing near by.

Authorities determined the dog had been dead for days.

Newswatch 16 stopped by the home and there was no answer.

Next door neighbor Katie Kelly said the authorities have it all wrong when it comes to the Kennedy's. She said, "They're perfect. I'd say they're like the perfect family. They try so hard."

Kelly said one of the children knew the dog had died, but didn't want to tell his parents.

The neighbor also said the Kennedy's have seven children, six of whom are adopted.

"She's had multiple foster kids and I believe they were good enough to put them in their home to be foster kids. They're going through a whole bunch of stuff right now and it's ridiculous," said the neighbor.

Kelly said her heart breaks when she thinks about what's happening to the family, "The day they were taken out I was just crying in the window. The little girl yelled, 'I'm going with my brothers!'"

On the same day of the incident in Edwardsville, authorities responded to another child endangerment case at an apartment in Kingston. Four children from that apartment were also placed in foster case.

Authorities said Wendy Cheetman's four children, including one with mental disabilities, were living in filth on Schuyler Avenue in Kingston. Adding that one child's bed and toys were covered with feces.

According to court papers, Cheetman said conditions were like that for at least six months and she just gave up.

She is also charged with child endangerment.

The Kennedy children are currently staying with family and friends.

It is unknown where Cheetman's children are living.

Those three parents were all released on $25,000 unsecured bail on Monday.

Their preliminary hearings are set for April 30th.


  • mastermind

    Hey Katie!!!!!!!!!!! Shut your mouth!!!!! You are an enabler of these types of scum balls that only have the children for money!!!! That’s right, I said it and I will stick by it!!!! LOL LOL LOL P.S. I think they ought to investigate you too!!!!!!

  • mastermind

    Did you notice it’s always these FAT and UGLY SLOBS who are doing these horrible things? I’ll tell you why!!!!! They are jealous of these wonderful children. That’s right, I said it and I will stand by it!!!!! Disgusting obese SLOB!!!!!!

  • kk

    Hope these kids get justice,and be put in a home whdte they will be safe,because we know what will happen in anothrr year theyll be in lfilth again.Cause it seems no one likes to do anything other than sit back and collect the money.So CY Judges wake up give thesd kidd a better life they deserve.

  • Had enough

    Only thing you get out of the entries is Sara never had open case BULL. But you are ok with her bf being the one who pistol whipped her mother. That’s ok. Or the fact he shot gun at her and her daughter. The fact she drives a car with kids in it without a valid licenses. The fact she lives in 2 br apt with 9 people. So that apt is like flop house poor kids even hers

  • SLS

    Doubtful anyone would listen to them in a NY minute, and many of these kids cannot tell what is “norma,” or not, duh, as they have been removed and replaced time and again. To them, that is THEIR normal, get a clue.

  • Had enough

    Foster mother Sarah roper no license
    Lives with guy on probation
    Sarah lost daughter to mother once
    Mrs kennady is so spaced on drug
    Mr Kennedy abused one son for wetting bed
    Another kid kicked out of every day care
    Another little girl having a wrong relationship with her 21 year old brother
    Bought to puppies to mate

    • meeee

      Sara has never had an opened case with cys in her daughters entire life… investigated yesss many times because her brothers kids family is nothing but scummy jealous people who called on her every week. Sara is actually doing a wonderful job with those kids…

  • Had enough

    The worst part of this story is how children and youth will give kids to anyone. Sara roper has 4 of the children and she herself has had a case against her in the past. She drives a car with no license She lives with a guy who is on probation for shooting at her and injuring her mother. I would guess that guy shouldn’t be with in a 100 feet of her mother. But sad thing is she fooled her mother that this guy is a good guy!!!! Those kids may wait to be with Sarah but anyone even a liar is better then a house that it filfty dirty. Oh by the way I believe those kids have supervised visit only at children and youth. This family is so dysfunctional and don’t deserve those children or anyone else’s children

  • kk

    It will never change, the kids smell, isnt there a 20 yr old who has mental problems,i be afraid of worse stuff going on.i hope the courts look into this case really good before letting them go back hell they shouldn’t be allowed but we know cy. I hesrd they had 4 dogs but one was a bitter gave that one aaaway cause it bit a kid. No they dont deserve kids.its the money they want.

  • meeee

    All the children that “animal” has is old enough to say where the want to live and apparently that animal is doing something right of the children want to be with her

  • Just me

    You people are all ignorant commenting on things that you know nothing about what if this was you would u want people putting negative stuff about you?? No you wouldn’t did you ever hear the term don’t judge a book by its cover and only some of what you hear and half of what you see apparently not!! And I’m not saying everyone is wrong or right but u can have some consideration and keep your comments to yourself.its called respect have some.if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say it at all.thanks

    • SLS

      Obviously there are people on here who know alot more than you! Stop defending someone just because of who they are, it’s what someone IS that counts.

  • jbrony

    Hey, give them a break. I know lots of perfect families that try really hard that have dead dogs laying about. The second one looked like she should be in a mental institution.

  • liz

    they are not drug addicts, they are not abusive, they are two people who have fallin on hard times , both with health issues, trying to crae for their children. Im sure the situation got out of hand and overwhelming and knowing them were to proud to ask for help.

  • CS

    I about chocked on my drink when I heard this report. Seriously….I could say lots of things about this case but. 1. How would the state actually give children to this couple? 2. The woman that said they’re a perfect family must have been smoking crack!!! I think she must have been smoking it with the parents that lived there. I feel so sorry for those kids and that poor dog. What is wrong with this world???!!! I hope they rot in prison where they belong!!!

  • Patty Dritschel Palka

    how do these people live with themselves??? those poor kids n dog…what they must have been put through in past…n how can you even not notice a dog is dead???? I know I see my dogs all day long…I don;t know what this world is coming to when something like this can go on n nobody does anything about it!!!! :(

  • Jeffrey V Jacobsen

    If the children were adopted the ‘guardians’ received financial aid to care for them. Obviously they weren’t doing so. They were probably using the money to get high and their neighbor was most likely in on it. I have a dog. He needs to go out 5-10 times a day to relieve himself. They would have to be complete morons or drug addicts not to notice the dog was never trying to get out. UNLESS THEY NEVER TRAINED IT TO. I just hope the kids go to a home where the foster parents aren’t completely irresponsible scum.. LIKE THE SYSTEM THAT PUT THEM THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!

  • TeamSheik

    They are all a bunch of human filth. The neighbor, Katie, is a crack head criminal as well. I hope they all rot in jail and die of AIDS

  • edward

    Katie kelly sounds familar same station they robbed uni mart in larksville and tied up clerk to buy heroin. That block is terrible I recognize house young kids alone always playing in road no adults present. Its sad I pray for those . kids were probably to scared to say something bout dog it raises ?s why scared to be kid if dog passed. Abuse

    • Janine Elizabeth Cunningham

      Miss Kelly has probably been in prison for past 9 months. Conditioned clearly changed…

  • poor dog

    Omg what did that poor dog go threw before it died the owners didn’t notice it was gone???All those kids and not one of them tells the parents something weird there and when the dog is not eating or barking or going out to the bathroom how do you not notice?I feel sorry for the dog.What kind of life did it have?

  • SLS

    Katie,did you not know? Have you not heard? Children shouldn’t play with dead things? Dead things can make you sick when you play with them! The kids said they knew the dog was dead but didn’t want to tell parents? The children were playing near a dog that was dead for days, the parents didn’t know, so how well did they monitor the children?

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