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Possible $37,000 Taken From Prison Employee Fund

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JACKSON TOWNSHIP -- Search warrants filed this week in Luzerne County are revealing new information about what authorities are looking for as they investigate a possible theft from prison workers at the State Correctional Institute in Dallas.

Police say Stasia Lanning is a clerical worker at SCI Dallas. Her other position is president and treasurer of the SCI Dallas Employee Association.

According to court papers, Lanning managed the bank account for the association, which is held at the P&G Mehoopany Federal Credit Union in Dallas Township. Money from the account pays for employee events and helps SCI workers in times of hardship or sickness.

Back in February, the prison's business manager noticed a shortage of $8,000 in the account. Once police started to investigate, they determined upwards of $37,000 was unaccounted for.

According to a search warrant filed this week, police are looking for account statements and documents for any accounts held by or accessed by Lanning.

According to an affidavit, Lanning has already been interviewed by police and told them, "Sad to say, I failed to keep accurate records of transactions. I cannot account and/or remember various deductions throughout 2013."

The affidavit also says Lanning's credit report shows that she has been past due 60 days or more on nine different accounts, and has a debt of more than $12,000.

Officials at the prison near Dallas told Newswatch 16 Lanning is still an employee but would not comment on her status at the prison.

Stasia Lanning has not yet been charged with any crime.


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