Family’s Home Being Rebuilt From The Ashes

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WRIGHT TOWNSHIP -- A family in the Luzerne County are rebuilding their home a year and a half after a fire tore through it.

Now that the warm weather is here, Jack Gentilesco is spending much of his time rebuilding the home that once stood on his property, a home filled with memories of his wife and five children.

A home that burned down in December 2012.

"Everything went wrong. The wind was relentless, blowing from the direction of the fire into the house. It was like the perfect storm," Gentilesco said.

Gentilesco says a wood fire boiler started the fire in the home that he built himself decades ago.

The home started out as a log cabin with many additions.

The Gentilescos want their new home to look like their old one. They're building around the stone portion of the building that still stands and they're rebuilding the log cabin foundation.

After the fire, the Gentilescos stayed on the property in a trailer.

"We have been here since they were born and they've been raised living in the woods, and they just didn't want to leave. They wanted to be here," said Amy Gentilesco.

After a year and a half, Jack and his wife Amy are starting to rebuild their home themselves.

"They and I and my wife, all seven of us, decided to stay here. So everybody was behind the decision, just makes it a little harder for me," Jack said.

Harder for Jack because he's the one rebuilding it but his wife and sons are also helping, hoping to keep the memory of their old home alive even though there's little left standing.