Dogs Removed Again From Moosic Home

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MOOSIC -- Police have once again removed several dogs from a man accused of animal cruelty in Lackawanna County.

Police removed four Labrador puppies from the home on Main Street in Moosic. It belongs to John Tanis, a man who has been in the news before.

Tanis is awaiting trial on animal cruelty charges and Thursday police said he may be in violation of his bail.

Officers removed the four dogs from the home around 4 p.m.

Tanis was charged with animal cruelty in 2013 and under court order was only allowed to have one dog.

Tracey's Hope, an animal rights group which played a role in bringing charges against Tanis, told investigators that he was keeping multiple dogs again.

"I think he's actually incriminated himself. He was only supposed to have one dog and he proudly thumbs his nose at the law and he just does as he pleases," said Denise Kumor of Tracey's Hope.

After the raid, Tanis said he couldn't comment on the raid. He may have to go before a judge for a hearing to determine if he is in violation of his bail.

The animal rights group said the four dogs removed makes a total of 27 dogs they have helped remove from Tanis' home in Moosic.




  • Grayce

    You people who think because a dog “looks” healthy it is are a riot! A person with aids can looks healthy too but they are dying. He keeps the pups “looking” healthy so he can get the most money for them! Dogs have been taken out of there almost starved to death! Having to have eyes removed and with bite marks all over them. I have seen first hand what this man does to these dogs. He is a puppy mill! The dogs would be better off in the SPCA than with him. Tracey’s Hope have spent thousands an thousands of dollars taking care of these dogs. Even with small adoption fees that they do have they will never make back the money that was put into these dogs!!!

  • Dog Lover

    You want to see pictures of the dogs chained together by their necks in fiflth look at the page of Tracey’s Hope… The medical problems are a mile long for those precious babies…look into it a bit deeper…trial is approaching…find out the facts!!

  • jay

    Sure the CURRENT puppy LOOKS healthy in the pic….. dogs can have worms bacteria infections, cherry eye and other issues from the conditions they live in that u can not see. Have you checked into the health of the last Tanis’s dog recovery. …. and the one before that….Tracy Hope DOES NOT make money on this check it out they are nonprofit!!!!. … they pay the vet bills, meds, foods, ….it adds up to ALOT. I think they can use the communities support. And as of the link to Griffin Pond I checked they dont have, never had, nor cared for Tanis dogs

  • Gavin

    Anyone who says this man doesn’t seem like he’s doing anything hasn’t followed this story for years like some of us. This is what he does. He takes care of 1-5 puppies until everyone thinks he’s a good owner. Then, when not being monitored, the number of dogs increases, the health of the dogs decreases, and the number of puppy corpses in his yard drastically increases.

  • David Booth

    It appears that the Traceys Hope activists have a grudge. I read the articles prior and got to say I do not see any evidence. A couples dogs in “rough” condition. I bet if you tracked back Traceys Hope activity that they know somebody in the department. They are also probably making money on the seizures somehow. I bet they do not adopt those 4 beautiful labs out for free. Just sayin

    • Randy

      Your right the puppy on the seat look real healthy for its size, show the public the Vets reports on there condition(s) the public would like to see it. Lets face it they were removed without a warrant so show the proof why you would keep them, Another thing when did he obtain them and what condition were they in then.

    • Emmy Lee

      yes dogs are never adopted for free $400 around there thats including the base fee and vet fees ….and pure breed like this well they are on a gold mine of free pets its just easy money at this point

    • Dog Lover

      How dare you!!! As a foster parent of one of the puppies I have seen the abuse first hand… Pictures…you want pictures…let me send you a picture of my dog’s leg that was broken in several places and never properly repaired and the two toes missing from her back leg, a result of abuse. Take a look at the conditions of the home they were living in… The medical records of the nearly 20 dogs removed since December were very sick with parasites, diseases, and malnutrition…medical records prove this.. I suggest you attend the hearing and listen to the endless medical issues and physical abuse that has been proven. Also, The thousands and thousands of medical bills are being paid by Tracey’s Hope….

    • Vikki White

      Are you a troll? You think an animal organization is monitoring a known animal abuser in order to get more “product” for their own inventory? So they watch his one person to get more dogs for free from raids on his house, that they can then can spend their own money on, their own time , caring for, rehabilitating, to sell for a profit? Your comment has to be the most ignorant thing I just might hear today.

  • Randy

    I went back and read articles on Mr. Tanis, I have yet to see where any of these animals were abused, He adopts animals that were actual throw a ways some of there problems have been adopted by Mr. Tanis, There is no clinical evidence showing abuse, He has showed vet papers and tags to support his side. I feel that a judge should be needed to issue a warrant to enter a mans property to seize anything. There method is a violation of our rights,

    • Dog Lover

      Medical evidence there is….plenty of it…sickning and unbelievable… Please attend the trial and you will hear first hand..

    • Randy

      Tina, I agree with you, I have seen cases where people don’t deserve any pets, but all that I have seen here so far has not been cruelty to any of these animals, no clinical evidence, no sad pictures, Maybe some of these poor dogs could have had been prior abused and the man could be doing a job cleaning them up, An abuser doesn’t seek Vets at all. Thimk?

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