Woman Allegedly Attacked By Niece Dies

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HANOVER TOWNSHIP — A woman who police say was assaulted by her niece has died.

The Luzerne County coroner said Dorothy Koreny, 78, of Hanover Township died Tuesday.

Koreny’s niece, Isis Brown, was arrested last month for allegedly throwing items at her outside her home on Solomon Street.

A neighbor’s surveillance camera captured the attack.

Officers say more charges will likely be filed against Brown in connection with the deadly assault in Luzerne County.


    • Steve

      Insurance doesn’t like to pay for hospitalization. It’s cheaper to give someone a prescription and send them off.

  • yeahok

    I think this is one of the sickest things I have ever seen! Your poor elderly Aunt lays on the ground helpless while her Niece repeatedly came out and through stuff on top of her helpless body! There is NO excuse for that! I don’t care what her mental state is! Maybe those who say how much help she needs should of did it before she took another life! I hope she gets everything that is coming to her! I hope they throw the book at her over and over again!!

  • Kevin K

    That woman should suffer the same fate as her aunt. Leave her laying in the cold and stone her!

      • Kevin K

        Never knew they stoned in N Korea. Bully for them. As for civilization… Since when do civilized people kill the elderly. Save it for Canada Bob.

    • Livinlavidacoca

      I feel sorry for both. Isis had some mental issues which were not taken care of. She just survived severe brain trauma, was literally dead at one point last year before the paramedics (Called by her aunt actually) found her and got her breathing again. She was also tazed by a military grade tazer a few month ago from someone related to her father because she was getting too nosy in trying to find the person who killed a friend of hers who she believes was killed by someone close to her father (Who is a white supremacist). and this tazing screwed her up as well. She went through a lot of stuff health wise in a short amount of time that obviously screwed big time with her head. But, as usual, no one ever gets the full details of someone’s life in any of these stories. Everything has context, and there’s a LOT of recent context that has a load to do with her actions. She needed help, and had no one close to her that would care enough or recognize it enough to make her get some. People with these issues arent typically the ones able to notice to even take the first step.

      • Jessie

        How did she almost die? Sounds like an overdose to me! How about the FACT that Isis did drugs. So many people want to blame it all on mental issues but nobody is telling the truth. She was on drugs – maybe that had something to do with it. People did try to help – she went to rehab – only to go back to using. And by the way you can’t MAKE someone get help. They have to be willing and trust me many people in her life tryed to help but she wasn’t willing to change her behavior. She lost a lot of friends because she wouldn’t change. I’m not sure you KNOW the whole story of her life! FACT is she killed her Aunt – who always took care of her. Go back to high school times she was fine. Go to not long after high school she was crushed between two cars and got hooked on pain meds and then went to pill popping and then worse and worse and worse. I think the big game changer here was DRUGS!

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