Employment Expo 2014

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One of our area’s largest employment expos runs today from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. in Luzerne County. Newswatch 16’s Ryan Leckey explains what types of jobs are available and how to maximize your time.


  • Norma Gonzalez

    I have experienced a job shortage problem in my area that doesn’t seem to be addressed. Many young adults are being advised to go back to school and receive all these loans that they can’t pay back because upon graduation from these programs they cannot find employment in that field or anything making enough to pay back these loans. My daughter graduated from a certified Medical Assistant program and has been seeking employment for seven months. How are these young adults going to pay their loans if no one is willing to open the doors to these graduates.

  • Eileen

    I went to the job fair today and I heard many people say let’s get out of here. I attended the fair in hopes of finding something I have not already applied for but there was not much there that was in my field so I was willing to go out of my field and try something new. To me it was a waste of gas money and my time. I didn’t get the impression that you could be hired on the spot and most of them would not take a resume, they said you will have to apply online. Little do they know that I had already applied online, most of the resume’s posted online gets lost in cyber space and you are never called. I have applied for over 800 jobs since October 2013 and had about 15 interviews which I have not been hired for reasons I do not know. This job market is a disgrace to the people and Pennsylvania laws should be change because we are an at will state. It is a disgrace that we as hard workers are not given the chance to show employers what we can do. It’s pick and choose. Either your too old, won’t fit in with the click and so on. What a shame. God bless the American people.

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