Dog Abandoned, Needs Leg Amputation

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STROUD TOWNSHIP – A neglected dog in Monroe County now needs its leg amputated. The tiny Maltese was found at the doorstep of an animal shelter where someone had left it.

Workers at the AWSOM Animal Shelter near Stroudsburg say they want to know who’s responsible for dropping off the severely neglected pup at their doorstep. They want to hold the owner accountable for the pain they have put this dog through.

He’s shaking all over, but the dog’s still got some spunk. Volunteers found the Maltese abandoned outside AWSOM’s shelter near Stroudsburg, curled up in a ball, not even moving.

"His leg was so infected you had that odor of death, and that's what he smelled of because his leg was so infected and it was three times the size of his normal leg, that's how swollen it was,” said AWSOM Animal Shelter Operations Director Dave Carbone.

A photo was taken the morning the dog, now named Jacob was found. His skin raw from neglect, several teeth are rotted and need to be removed.

The pup was abandoned at AWSOM overnight Sunday, left in the cold with no food, no water, no shelter.

"He was basically just a giant matted mess,” said Pocono Peak Veterinary Center’s Dr. Christine Bongiorno.

Vets now say they need to amputate Jacob’s leg. Dr. Bongiorno says this dog has been suffering with this severe skin infection for far too long.

"Months of neglect. I mean, how many months it's hard to say, but it's definitely months. This didn't just happen in the last week or the last month,” said Dr. Bongiorno.

Had shelter volunteers not found Jacob inside the pen they say he only had a matter of weeks to live. Now after this operation they hope to find this dog a happier home.

Vets say Jacob will need a few weeks to recover from surgery and then should be ready to go to a new home, one that will have this pup’s tail wagging in no time.

Applications for his adoption are already pouring in.

AWSOM’s Operations Manager Dave Carbone also says he wants to find out who’s responsible for this and hold someone accountable.

"The dog was not chipped, no license of course they just dumped him. Someone has to know whose dog this is. So we're looking for information from the public,” said Carbone.

Workers at AWSOM want anyone with information about the dog to give them a call. They plan to pass all tips along to law enforcement in hopes of bringing Jacob some justice.


  • Susan Calzalco

    I think everyone is being judgemental to fast …………… What if it was an elderly person who tried their best to help their pup …………… but neglected themselves ……………… I will wait to learn the facts yes it is a horrible case of neglect , maybe human and pup need help ?????

  • marty

    they cared enough to take it to the shelter to get care. not knowing the person you have know idea what has happen in their life to cause this. don’t judge them until you know the facts. i am happy they left him at the shelter instead of wirring is muzzle, tying it to tree, or in a ditch left to die.
    Please Don’t encourge others to do the unthinkable becuse now they are afraid to ask for help.
    now, before you say anything i have 7 dogs and cats in my house 5 of them are rescuse.

    • Jennifer

      You make some good points. Still, he could have been surrendered months before it got this bad. This is long-term neglect.

  • EC

    How can any person make excuses for the person who neglected this poor dog. The dog was not only sick but was a matted mess which means to me he was neglected all the way around. To leave a poor defenseless animal who obviously was deathly sick with no food and water shows the character of this person. How could any person with any heart let an animal get so sick and not get help? There is no excuse for this persons actions.

  • EMMA

    This is why I like animals more than people (some people). How can anyone be so cruel to a helpless animal. It really breaks my heart. If I could take in 20 dogs I would in a heartbeat because that is how much I love them. I hope they find the idiot or idiots who did this and neglect them. Thank god there are some great people to help Jacob.

  • Ashley Dancho

    Things are tough. You don’t know their situation. Mybe they just couldn’t afford it and they hoped he would get help there. They could have been desperate and just didn’t know what else to do. At least there is help for dogs in this country. People on the other hand can die with no money or insurance and no way to get treatment and no one would care as long as its not a dog.

  • smackawanna

    Dumped him? They were decent enough to leave him at a good place. Causing trouble for the person just encourages others to leave animals in garbage bags on the side of the road.

    • Unknown

      its like no one cares about the poor dog they are kind to the person who neglected it, it pisses me off that these uneducated human beings would go against the poor puppy and with the person that committed this cruel act.

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