Remembering Star Mickey Rooney

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POTTSVILLE -- Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney has died. He passed away Sunday at his home in California.

Many people in the area have fond memories of Mickey Rooney. The entertainer preformed in Pottsville 13 years ago this week.

The star of stage and screen was a big hit. He poked fun at himself and his many marriages.

After the show Rooney talked about modern music.

"It's 'ya da do, bla buh do, cha-key-na' and that's no, I got news for you, it's all very strange, it's not like Benny Goodman and Tommy Dorsey,  and of course, change is good,"  Rooney said.

Most of the folks at the Hazleton Active Adult Center have fond memories of Rooney. That included Shirley Singer of West Hazelton.

"It's also sad to see all these great actors passing away," Singer said.

John Seltner of Hazle Township said he agrees with Singer.

"I remember him as Andy Hardy. He had a little sports car and later movies he was in with horses and what not," Seltner explained.

Janet Kukowski said she went to see Mickey Rooneys' movies, when the price of admission was 7 cents.

"He had a certain way about him. He could be very funny and he could be very serious and growing up I loved to go see him in the movies and him and Judy Garland made a good pair."

There is certainly no mystery of how Mickey Rooney died. Officials in California say it was of natural causes.

Janet Kukowski believes Mickey Rooney is now in a better place.

"I hope wherever he is, he's going to have a good time because he showed us a good time on the screen," Kukowski said.

Here is a clip of Mickey Rooney from 2001 performing in Pottsville.

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