Monroe County Man Arrested For Burglary, Rape

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MONROE COUNTY– Eric Hoffman, 22,  of East Stroudsburg is facing a dozen charges including rape, burglary and sex assault.

State police said it was between 6 and 7 am Monday morning when Hoffman sneaked into a woman’s house in the East Stroudsburg area through a basement window.

According to court papers, once inside, Hoffman “…stood outside her door for approximately twenty minutes,” before waking her and forcibly raping her at gunpoint.

Afterwards, the victim told troopers Hoffman “…continuously apologized and related he was going to kill himself. ”

Investigators said Hoffman left and was later arrested on a railroad trestle over the Delaware River.

In custody, state police said Hoffman admitted to the crime and told them he has just checked out of a mental health clinic on Saturday.

That same day, he admitted to buying the gun he used during the rape but said “…it was not loaded. ”

Hoffman is locked up in Monroe County on $200,000 bail.


  • Ass Kicker

    You don’t even know what you’re talking about, jackass. she broke up with him two months ago! He stalked her, threatened to kill himself, went to a mental institution, got out, bought a gun and raped her. how dare you blame her. you’re just as disgusting as him is, filthy pig. i wish he would of shot himself. you deserve a kick in the nuts too, asshole.

  • REALLY??

    anyone defending this kid is a joke, I knew him, had classes with him, hung out with him, and liked him notice the past tense though, it blows my mind he could do something like this, that being said, I have no doubt he did it, no matter how much you want to think the “government run media” is lying to you, it’s all over his face, and he’ll have the next 10 years (hopefully more) to dwell on it

  • Poconomountaineast

    It’s a disgrace to say this kid attended our school district he should be publicly humiliated and killed for the agony he caused big man thought he was a UFC fighter is now gunna get raped by big black guys

  • Arkadiusz martynowicz

    Too all of you idiots bashing on my friend, till you know the whole story keep your useless comments to yourself they don’t count for anything. I’m not even gonna go into this cause everyone bashing on my extremely close friend, someone i consider my brother, are a waist of my time and of space.

    • Arkadouche

      How could you be calling these people idiots when you can’t even properly spell ‘waste’?

      The whole story?? He broke into a girls house and raped her at gunpoint and you have the nerve to be calling everyone idiots? I understand you’re probably upset and I know nobody ever thought he would do something like this, but the sad truth is he did and now he has to pay for his actions

      • Arkadiusz martynowicz

        I could care less about my spelling at the moment. Most of Americans born in America can’t spell for their life. Oh and you can read an article great, but have you talked to the people involved no so you don’t know the whole story. I on the other hand will not believe this for the life of me till I go see him and he tells me it to my face. Oh and nice try with making fun of my new really original but your a little late the bullies back in high school tried that and it didn’t work for them either.

      • Steve

        @ the bad spelling foreign guy, clearly you nothing of America or born Americans if your culture thinks rape is ok. Shut up because you’re not helping your “friend” by talking.

    • Steve

      Your “brother” RAPED a woman at gun point! You CAN’T DEFEND THAT!!! If you did then you’d be the idiot. Friend or not somethings are inexcusable. Like trying to pin his actions on a woman who was home sleeping in her own bed. Wow, how dare she!

      • Arkadiusz martynowicz

        I’m not pinning it on his ex girlfriend. I apologize also that he went into the mental institution more then likely because of her. Oh and yah I’m foreign what’s your point. I’m a 22 year old college student. I’ve lived in America since I was 4 apology that everyone makes grammatical mistakes especially while typing on a cellphone. If you think your perfect that’s great for you I won’t lie to myself like that. Also I’m not diffending him, as I said I’m not gonna believe anything a government run news cast says, I’ll wait till I see him in person and have him tell me.

      • Steve

        Where you’re from means nothing to me. You come out bashing Americans and a victim of a sexual assault. No one can put someone else in the mental hospital. You have to have something going on well before you hit the breaking point. I’m sure you are stunned and hurt that your friend did that but, in the end we responsible for our actions. P.S. most cell phones have spell check. I’m sure your spelling isn’t the issue, it’s your defense of actions he took regardless of why you’re defending him.

      • Kevin K

        @ ark….. This is America, it’s a PRIVATE RUN MEDIA. Check your cell phones Google map, I think you’re lost.

    • SS

      You’re being naive. Every horror show on this earth has a mother, father, and a friend, and that means squat in the face of what monsters do.

  • Concered Citizen 45

    It seems to me that the younger generation never gets the point that there are consequences for your actions? I mean UGH I seen in paper that a kid 21 got 2 years with ankle bracelet for 100 bags of heroin with intent to distribute & sell why isn’t he in jail holy crap people (and he had priors) — and this guy here will prob. be out in a few months to rape another just sad; let’s talk legal system? What the heck (sigh)

  • CaptainMerica234

    Well I hope the boys up state are good and ready for this scum.. I’d imagine he has a long set of years in front of him..

  • Rev

    Nice way to start your adult life dude. Now what? Make the most of your time in lock-up, make it a point not to repeat these “mistakes.” You’re young, there’s still a change you can become something better. Mental illness is no excuse to hurt others. It’s a soul sickness, not a mental disease.

      • Rev

        that’s why “mistakes” was in quotes. No i don’t see this, or anything else anyone does to harm another person as a “mistake”, or “illness,” if it were up to me there would prob be more prisons that our land could hold.

      • Rev

        However, I do believe most people, especially those who are young, should get a second chance. However, if he or anyone else is goling to play the “mental illness” card everytime they just want to get away with something criminal and vicious, I say, throw away the key.

      • SS

        Of course not! I would hunt him down and shoot him myself perhaps. But I also know people who have young troubled sons. I for one am not one of them, I just would like to think that there could be a chance for some of these, our young men are dropping out of decency by the droves. But perhaps you’re right, and it’s just a matter of separating the wheat from the tares time. And these are meant to just be put away forever, which would be fine with me for the most part.

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