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Police: Man in Angry Birds Costume Attempts Child Abduction

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SCRANTON -- Police are checking into a bizarre case of an attempted abduction in Lackawanna County.

The alleged incident happened Friday evening outside Gerrity's Grocery store at the Keyser Oak Shopping Center around 6:30 p.m.

Police report that a man dressed as a character from the video game "Angry Birds" asked four children to get into his vehicle.

The group ran off and told authorities.

Anyone with information is asked to call Scranton police.


  • Catherine

    And to those people that have such positivity and can always see good in others, I admire and respect that. But be aware that always believing in the good in others can be 5 seconds away from being naive

  • Angela Garza Prochazka

    It is all fun and games and a laughing matter until this happens to your kid. If the family of the children happen to see this, not everyone thinks it is funny. I am sorry your children had to experience this and I hope they find out who it is, and what their intentions were. It is common knowledge pedophiles use things children like to lure them into a false sense of security so they can abduct them, be it new toy..or even in this case, angry birds.

  • Luntz

    Wait… attempted to kidnap?? It was 36 degrees and raining and dude asked them if they wanted a ride. Doesn’t really make sense that anyone would try to kidnap a group of 4, by himself, in a public place with cameras around. Use your heads, people.

    Rather than immediately branding him a pedophile, why not consider that he could just as easily be an awkward weirdo who was trying to be nice? We don’t know what the deal with the costume was, or if dude was in a big van with no windows or if it’s just a guy in an angry bird’s t-shirt driving his wife’s minivan. And we don’t know whether he politely offered then left them alone or if he was more aggressive.

    I grew up in a small town in Schuylkill county the 90s where it was commonplace to get a ride home in the rain/snow with some random person who’d pull up beside you and ask if you wanted a ride. Throw my bike in the back of their pickup and hop in, or a group of us would hop into their car/minivan and they’d drive each one of us home. We often didn’t know the people, although they typically knew my dad.

    I’ve since moved from that small town to a Luzerne county city, but I still sometimes offer kids rides if the weather sucks and they’re out walking. Not super young kids, because they’re not out alone anyway… but a group of teenagers? Why not. Some take me up on the offer and give me directions to get them home, some politely decline and keep walking. I’ve never pressed the issue and drive away if they decline. Granted, I’m a 29 year old female, so people are ess inclined to assume the worst… but thus far, I haven’t had any cops at my door accusing me of attempted abductions.

    When I hear stories like this, it makes me wonder though… did those that declined think I was some creepy would-be kidnapper?

    • Jenna

      Yea luntz I would think you are a creepy kidnapper because you just don’t drive around town offering kids you don’t know rides!! I have always told my children NEVER ACCEPT RIDES FROM STRANGERS man or woman PERIOD!! Now a days you also have to beware of the devil you know so good for you if you have a big heart and offer some charity to a group of teenagers but I am STILL telling mine to RUN not walk when approached for a ride. By the way I live close to this shopping center and my son and his friends said they saw a man dressed as the angry bird in a white hatch back wanting to show them pictures of himself he was approaching various kids that day apparently …who does that and doesn’t raise red flags??? They were creeped out and ran

      • Rev

        So there’s some loser-creeper running around in this costume random and no one can do anything about it yet? @Luntz? strangers should not assume it’s OK to offer kids rides and kids should never be taught to assume it’s ok to get in stranger’s cars. If you don’t know the kid, dont’ offer them a ride!? And if you don’t know the person offering you the ride WELL, don’t get in!! End of story. It’s never ok unless someone is trying to save someone’s life.

  • CCKM

    Some eople are just disgustingly low! Remember gacy was a clown at kids parties…hope they can figure out who it is/was…good place to start is the sex offnder registrey I suppose. Someone out there must know SOMTHNIG about who this low life is?

    • harsh times

      i checked the registry… angry birds character on there in our zipcode anyway,but there was a guy with a red coat and white beard in the north pole zipcode

      • CCKM

        Obviously to see if they tripped across the typer of person who might fit this rather ingenious attempt.

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