Couple Plans to Wed at Half Marathon

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SCRANTON — Runners are gearing up for the Electric City’s first ever half marathon race.

“It’s Scranton’s first so, I was, I don’t know, excited to do it and just think it’s going to be a fun time,” said Darren Motisko from Eynon, who’s running the 13.1 mile race for the first time.

While others, like Andrew Ruffino from Morris, NY will try to break a personal best. He said, “This will be number 28 in 38 different states.”

For most of the more than 2,500 runners, the biggest part of the day will be when they start and finish on Providence Road, but for one couple, the biggest part of their day and possibly lives will take place on the stage before the race.

As if running a 13.1 mile race isn’t enough, Bob Drazba and Kelli Johanson will say “I do” Prior to the run.

“We didn’t want to do the white dress and the bridesmaids and all. We’ve both done that before and this time we wanted to do something fun and running is us, it’s what we do,” said Johanson.

Drazba explained how the proposal reflected their wedding day. He said “You promise to do speed work, temple runs, long runs, and hill repeats from now until forever?” and Johanson responded, “And I said yes, but I don’t promise not to complain!”

As for who will cross the finish line first, the couple said, “We’re pacing ourselves and running together. We almost always finish together.”

The race will start at 9am on Sunday. The Bride and Groom will tie the knot around 8:15am.


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