Disgraced Politician To Be Released From Federal Medical Facility

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WILKES-BARRE – A federal judge sided with defense attorneys in Luzerne County, allowing a former state senator to be temporarily released from a medical facility.

Attorneys for Ray Musto said the 85 year old has been diagnosed with advanced, stage-four cancer and he is only expected to live for a few more weeks or months.

A judge ordered that Musto report to a federal medical facility in North Carolina back in January, after the former state senator was found mentally incompetent to stand trial.

Federal prosecutors would not say if they expect Musto to ever face trial, or how much money was spent on this criminal case.


  • tom

    These corrupt politicians make it harder and harder to want to vote for Republicans or democrats.lets have more choices on the ballad for everything.Then the news media will find it harder to brainwash us in to wich of the clowns to votr for.

  • Truckerslady

    i cant think of a more fitting way for him to suffer and die….im glad cancer found him and while ultimately he wont “pay” for his disgusting crimes, he will endure a death of pure suffering and pain.

  • WildBill

    I think we should erect a statue of him smiling,winking and flipping the bird with a plaque that reads “UP YOURS AMERICA”.

  • Billl D

    The man lived a long happy life and got away with it all. He may have been drug through the mud some before he died, but he will never be convicted and so he skated through and got away with it all regardless. Some say leave him alone, he did so much good, I call bullsh#t! Wrong is wrong is wrong!

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