Woman Admits Shooting Boyfriend In The Face, Killing Him

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WILKES-BARRE -- Nearly three years after the death of a state corrections officer, his girlfriend admitted to shooting him.

Wednesday morning, Jessica Alinsky, 30, pleaded guilty to murdering her boyfriend and former prison guard Matthew Gailie in 2011.

"Jessica, do you have anything you want to say to Matthew's family?"

"That I would never hurt him, that time will tell, and the truth will come out," Alinsky said.

"You did plead guilty today though?"

"Ask my attorney," Alinsky replied.

Alinsky left Luzerne County Court after pleading guilty to third degree murder.   She admits shooting and killing her boyfriend Matthew Gailie.

It happened at her home in the Eagle Rock development near Hazleton in September of 2011.

Police say Alinsky shot the correctional officer at point blank range and made it look like a suicide.

After the shooting the county coroner couldn't determine whether it was a homicide or suicide. But at a coroner's inquest at the courthouse last July, a jury ruled Gailie's death a homicide and Alinksy was charged the next day.

"The ends justified the means. It's been a long process. It's been two years already, over two years, so we're ready for it to be over, and we're ready to move on," said the victim's sister Ariana Gailie.

She says as Jessica Alinsky left the courtroom, Alinsky told the family she didn't do it.

"I feel sorry for her because if she can't accept what happened still, then she's going to suffer for the rest of her life, and I'm OK with that," Gailie added.

Originally Jessica Alinsky was also charged with tampering with evidence. That charge was withdrawn as part of her guilty plea.

She now faces up to 40 years in prison. She's expected to be sentenced next month.


  • kickass

    I Knew this girl since school. She used to sing to herself as she walked down the halls. I always did say there was something wrong with her……you can’t blame abusive relationships, I’ve been in lots, and if anything you don’t want to see anymore violence, let alone commit it!!!! Why the 3rd degree???

  • Kevin

    It may be hard for Matt’s family to addmite he committed suicide, and accecpt that people change, once you are in an addiction or an abuser it always turns bad. I have known Jess for years and she has only been a Happy Person in life that made some bad choices.in the past, its hard to get out of an abusive relatonship, I am sure the truth will come out in the end. I am Praying for Both Familys in this matter.

    • Tommy


      Why don’t you ask her why she has changed her story so many times and why she moved his body? Please let us know what her answer is. This chick should be in prison for life so she doesn’t hurt anyone else.

  • L

    I knew Jess in college. She has been through a lot of abusive relationships sadly. She was always a good woman to me and everyone she knew. You all don’t know her. Truthfully, I never met anyone who didn’t like her. She was always a happy go lucky person. The only thing I can say for certain is that she is not a cold-blooded killer. If she did something like this, a girl who wouldn’t even think of killing anything, she did it for some reason we all are unaware of. I am sorry for his and his families loss but to villianize this woman would be unfair. All of us are blown away by this situation. I think we all, especially Matthew’s family, want the truth and closure. I pray for Jess and I pray for Matthew’s family. I hope everyone in this event finds peace.

    • CCKM

      Many people have been in abusive relationships, and they don’t go shoot someone in the face. You report it to the cops, file PFA’s, leave, etc..did she have proof on her body of abuse? Black eyes, split lip? Broken bones? I can think of lots of people who need shot in the face, I just don’t do it, they’re not worth the time in prison. Clearly just because someone looks one way on the outside, doesn’t mean a bloody thing. Serial killers have been known to put up good fronts too, just like priests, dirty cops, pastors, teachers…and so on…and so on…

      • Nicole

        That’s the problem anymore… everyone wants to blame it on something else. People want to say it had to do with an abusive past that she had… ultimately though, she did this and no one else. She needs to accept responsibility for what she did.

  • Johnnie Mac

    I feel bad for you girl, but if he was physically abusing you, the better choice would have been to pack your belongings and get the he** out of there, even if it meant going to another state. People make poor choices all the time and you must be held accountable, unless it was in self defense. Don’t know what actually happened here, but basically I must say you’re looking at a lot of time. This incident is a good reason why people need to control their emotions. Two lives ruined forever…

    • Rob

      Matt DID NOT abuse her! Anyone who says that didn’t know him and should probably keep their mouth shut. Also, two lives weren’t ruined. One was taken, not ruined. Saying his life was ruined implies that he’s still alive. The truth is many lives were ruined, his family and friends lives were ruined because we’ll never see or talk to Matt again. And as for her, her life wasn’t ruined. Prison is to good for her, she deserves to be put in a hole without any contact from anyone so she can sit and think about what she did. Eventually she would wish she was dead bit it won’t come for her. She deserves to look at herself everyday and live with what she did. Then she deserves to rot in hell.

      • Nicole

        I agree! I’m sorry for him and his family and hope that they can get through this difficult time. They’ll all be in my thoughts!

        As for her, I hope she rots in a prison cell for the rest of her life! It’s exactly what she deserves. She is a murderer!

  • CCKM

    wow. I guess copping these pleas are necessary to cut to the chase, murder in the 3rd.? Golly guys, i didn’t think shooting him in the face woulda killed him! Up to 40 yrs…she should never get out!

  • BeS

    “It wasn’t until last summer that a jury at a coroner’s inquest ruled Gailie’s death a suicide.” I think you meant to say: “ruled Gallie’s death a HOMICIDE”. Check your own link.

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