Crumbling Wall Closes Road

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MAHANOY CITY  -- You may think we've heard the last of winter's effects on us, but that's not the case in one Schuylkill County community.

A collapsed wall there has caused a road to be closed.

Tons of stone were dumped on Spruce Street in Mahanoy City.  PennDOT crews had the job of placing the rock to replace a retaining wall that collapsed. Without the wall, the road could have slid and endangered drivers.

PennDOT blames the damage to the wall, in part, on the freeze and thaw cycle.

"That the frost and all the cold weather we had this winter, and the rain was eroding it all these years, it got rotten - the concrete - and it broke away," explained Ed Sadusky of PennDOT.

Some drivers switched on their turn signals but were surprised they couldn't swing onto Spruce Street.

"It's used a lot in our town. We do need it, it's a vital road in our town," said Ann Locher of Mahanoy City

Contractors working at a house near the closed road were interrupted from time to time by out-of-towners looking for directions.

"People would turn to go to Frackville and they wouldn't know what direction they were going in and they would stop and I'd send them either left or right to get back to the top of the mountain or to 54, there to 924," said Peter Bowers.

PennDOT officials say once they're done and the road is reopened they'll be back next week to finish the job Mother Nature started.

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