Troopers File Search Warrants in Death Investigation

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A man's death in Wayne County over the weekend may have been more than an accident.

That's according to court papers that say Ryan Clemo's death came after a possible fight and struggle.

Troopers said Clemo died at the emergency room at Wayne Memorial Hospital in Honesdale Saturday morning

State police obtained two search warrants late Monday seeking evidence of any kind of fight or struggle that could make Clemo's death a case of criminal homicide.

Ryan Clemo was at his girlfriend's home on Rose Hill Road in Dyberry Township late Friday night, according to troopers.

The 31-year-old father of two left in an ambulance and now his death is under investigation.

Clemo's mother and sister flipped through photos for his funeral service. The family wants to know what happened that night and longtime friend Josh Korb said everyone is staying strong while police investigate.

"We will get to the bottom of it, there are a lot of unanswered questions that we have. Everybody's working with us the best we can," said Korb.

State police filed search warrants Monday.

Clemo, his girlfriend Sara Kellerman and two friends were drinking when Clemo became upset, Kellermen told police during an interview at the hospital Saturday.

Those two men, Adam Dixon and Jonathan Yacinovich of the Waymart area told troopers that Clemo was violent, fell twice down sets of stairs hitting his head then had to be held down.

Troopers want DNA samples from the two and fingerprints after Dixon admitted to holding Clemo around the neck and Yacinovich admits he tied an extension cord around his legs.

Those court papers indicate Clemo turned purple and everyone waited until he no longer had a pulse to call 911.

"It's going to be a rough time, he left two beautiful kids behind. He has a strong family. Strongest family I know," added Korb.

At the garage in Manchester Township where Clemo spent lots of time working on demolition derby cars, his friends and family were putting together a final tribute for him. The demo derby car will be at his viewing Wednesday.

"It's been really rough, it's tough. I have a hard time with it. He's my brother," said relative Pete Hansen.

Investigators are still waiting for blood tests to come back to decide if it is a case of homicide.

An autopsy found a bone in Ryan Clemo's neck was broken, according to search warrants.

A memorial fund has been set up for Clemo's children as he did not have life insurance.


  • Kellee

    I don’t know the whole story but you can’t argue that SOMEONE broke his hyoid bone so SOMEONE killed him….and from what every report says, it was only the four of them there so whether you want to face it or not, they DID kill him the question is what is on purpose or not?!

  • Chelsea

    I find it funny y’all disliking my comment but won’t say anything because you know you don’t know the truth so stop judging<3 Thanks lmfao you pathetic f***

  • Chelsea

    I know Jon and Adam and let me tell you they are great kids and I highly doubt they would ever think about hurt Ryan. All you people do not even know the full story so don’t sit there and act like you know the story. These two young men are under the age 21 and are sweet. If you read correctly Ryan was getting upset and was practically making people need to hold him down to calm him down. I heard the full story so how about y’all just shut your mouth<3 k thanks

  • Steve

    @ no name is all you got from that story is weather or not the guys who helped cause a man’s death were 21 or not? Does it matter? No.

  • April Hansen

    Seeing you lay there today hit me hard Ry. So many people loved and cared about you! Those people will get what they deserve. Rest easy love you♡♡

    • CCKM

      So sorry for your loss. I hope you all see justice. One of his “friend’s” FB page is a disgrace to this man’s memory, acting all innocent and upset and *hit. No consience whatsoever. Sickening. Karma will catch up to them.

  • Ddm

    This story is crazy. What did the gf do when the other 2 were tying his legs up? Sit back and watch? I won’t be surprised if there is foul play. Seems like all 3 had something to do with this. Now his kids are left without a father. RIP

  • CCKM

    The girlfriend lived in her parents home? Wow if that’s true! Were they out? Oblivious? Was it common that people would get *hitfaced in the house? I know someone who would drink with family in the house, (because it’s safer that way right?), they all got into a fight, and someone threw a remote control at someone else, and it hit the baby sitting there in the baby swing…it’s just not smart to drink to the point where everything gets our of hand like this! Anybody even LOOKS at me the wrong way in my house and they’re out on their a**es!

  • No name

    Make sure you know what your talking about before writing Rob J. Those boys are not of age! The one isn’t even 20 years old yet!

    • CCKM

      And what IF there were underage people involved in this criinal act? Killing is killing no matter how you slice it? Self-defense? No one called 911 before they decided to tie him up and choke him! I am no fan of disorderly drunks, but if you had the time to tie him up and choke him, you have the time to dial the police! What’s to hide?

    • Rob J

      The man involved was 31. The ages of any of them is irrelevant. They killed or directly caused his death.

  • Rob J

    Where did it say their kids or underage? Everyone one involved was of age. This isn’t about teenage recklessness its about killing a man!

  • Steve

    Homeowners insurance won’t pay if you fall because you’re drunk. He was 31 and sadly if underage drinking was involved he may have contributed it getting alcohol. None of that justifies tying him up and waiting until he turned purple and stopped breathing to call for help.

  • Stacie

    I don’t understand why they ALL waited to call 911. They said they called AFTER he didn’t have a pulse. This is very sad and seems like it could have been avoided!

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