Wilkes-Barre Credit Union Investigation Widens

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WILKES-BARRE -- A federal investigation into the Wilkes-Barre City Employees Credit Union appears to be tied to the city's Police Department, and possibly a former towing contractor.

Sources close to the investigation say when FBI agents entered the credit union on March 9, they wanted information on car loans involving Wilkes-Barre police officers.

Four days after the federal raid, credit union director Jim Payne committed suicide.

Those close to the investigation tell us feds interviewed at least 12 police officers and credit union workers in the past two months over these loans.

According to sources, some cops would use the vehicle identification number or the title on a car that wasn't theirs, then took that information to the credit union inside city hall, and used the vehicle that wasn't theirs as collateral.

Action 16 Investigates has learned that at least one Wilkes-Barre officer received a so-called "target letter." That is formal notification from federal prosecutors that he is being looked at for possible criminal wrongdoing.

Even though the investigation appears focused on Wilkes-Barre police officers, Mayor Tom Leighton says taking action would be premature.

"It's an independent investigation that has strictly to do with a law enforcement agency and a credit union," said Mayor Leighton.  "Other than that, we have no knowledge other than what we read in the newspaper."

One source says the credit union investigation may also be tied to the actions of LAG Towing in Wilkes-Barre and its owner Leo Glodzik III.

The city terminated its contract with Glodzik last year when state police charged him with stealing money from inside a car he towed.  That came just after Glodzik admitted to loaning luxury cars to Wilkes-Barre police officers, an apparent violation of city policy.

On Monday, Glodzik was not at his Carey Avenue office when we tried to get a comment.


  • jellystoneranger

    How about them Demo craps ?This is what happens when everything in this area is Democrat. Everyone gets to stealing . Entitlement . They all think they can fleece the stupid taxpayer and you are if you keep electing Democrats.Starts st the top and then slides to these corrupt cops. You get no respect because you don’t deserve any you scum!

  • papokergod

    Hey Mayor, you are an idiot. You said the same about LAG before too. Guess what, he’s a thief, some of your officers are thieves and you probably are too. Step down NOW or face being behind bars.

    P.S. Where’s the fuel at?

    You have NO excuse why you don’t know what goes on under your nose. You either know or are too incompetent to be in your position.

  • vs

    there are so many corrupt officals in this county its sickening like the parole department someone needs to investagate them they allow their parolees to have warrants and don’t do anything about it and let them go while children who they owe money to suffer I guess child support warrents don’t mean anything

  • Gary

    This does not surprise me at all. Hopefully they get the right people and leave the few good officers and officials alone.

  • L.S.

    Sure the mayor doesn’t know anything but what he sees on the news or reads in the newspaper. Classic.

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