Hikers Find Human Remains In Schuylkill County

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NEW CASTLE TOWNSHIP -- Police have been on the scene all day of a shocking discovery in Schuylkill County.

Authorities believe human remains were found in a wooded area near Saint Clair.

State police are now calling this a death investigation and have confirmed human skeletal remains were found on Thursday.

State police say two hikers were walking in a wooded area of New Castle Township along Route 61 between Frackville and Saint Clair when they found those remains around 6 p.m. Thursday.

The trooper handling the investigation says a skull and hip bone where found on the ground.

A tent was brought out to cover the site where the remains were found and a state police forensics unit was also on scene as troopers could be seen sifting through the ground.

Investigators are working to identify the remains.

State police and the Schuylkill County coroner's office are handling the investigation.


  • Melissa Blickley-McNitsky

    I’m wondering if these could FINALLY be some of James Harig’s remains! His family deserves closure & some peace! Prayers to whoever’s family this body belongs to!

    • Chenny

      I think it’s more of Kevin Lucas’s remains. His Tibia was found not too far from there. Like, you could see where it was found just with the naked eye.

    • OhLookAtMeIamALeprechaun

      I’m a supporter of the 2nd Amendment also, but did they confirm that this was a murder? It could just be someone who died from other causes. Wake up, man! You’re all ready to shoot at ghosts.

      • anthony

        Right away I say exercise my rights and Ur talking about shooting ghosts wake up man I’m stating a point that it’s not a bad idea to carry if u got the right to u never know when u might have to protect urself or others from harm

  • monica k

    God bless the family of this individual, males me wonder if it could be that guy from Pottsville that has been missing for quite sometime. Such a shame hope they find out who this is and what happened to them. R.I.P

  • Rob

    never know. That might not even be the scene where the person died–could’ve been dropped there by animals. Creepy.

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