Court Rules Against Fracking Activist

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MONTROSE — A judge in Susquehanna County ruled on Friday that the injunction barring an environmental activist stands.

That means Vera Scroggins is prohibited from coming within 100 feet of Cabot Oil and Gas wells, construction sites, or access roads.

Cabot claims Scroggins frequently trespasses on or near gas wells and drilling sites, disrupts work, and is a potential danger to herself and workers at the site.

Scroggins’ lawyers said that the injunction banned her from 40 percent of the county, including some grocery stores and medical facilities.

Cabot’s lawyers said that was not the intent of the injunction, and revised the language so that the ban applies only to well-sites and access roads.

A hearing on the injunction against Scroggins was held earlier this week.

Scroggins, who is one of the leaders in the movement against “fracking,” the term for the method used to extract natural gas, says she was exercising her constitution rights, and says Cabot’s efforts to bar her from properties are just attempts to silence her.

Cabot has asked the court to make this preliminary injunction permanent. No date for that hearing has been set.


    • Montrose Resident

      Yes, it has been shown that she (Scroggins) is in favour of incest and paedophilia. Anyone interested can Google© it.

  • Barbie doll

    Does anyone here care to mention that Vera was trespassing regularly on private property??? She broke the law. The landowners do not want her there either. If someone regularly trespassed on my land and hharassed workers and caused safety issues I would have them in court too..This is not a debate on fracking or the ethics of a corporation. It’s about the law..and most of you people that have negative comments are probably not from the area where this is happening and get your ideas from the lies of the movie gasland. I have family in Dimock pa that love Cabot and the industry. There are no water problems! Educate yourself.

    • Ed

      That’s funny, since DEP documents were recently revealed that show DEP covered up the water problems in Dimock and Cabot is still restricted from drilling in a 9 sqare mile area of Dimock.

      • Barbie doll

        What’s funny is that I have 2 relatives that were in that group of 18 people that you speak of. . There is nothing wrong with their water. . They drink it every day and is been tested several times. .They have stated that their water is better quality now than it has ever been.. And fully support Cabot.

      • Barbie doll

        Please refer to the comment below made by one of those 18 people! !!! I believe he is more educated than you on this subject since it is his personal experience

  • Tim Tingley

    All natural gas extracted anywhere goes immediately for sale on world markets. It is called a “fungible” asset. There is no such thing as “American” natural gas. There are also better sources of information than t.v. commercials.

  • Tim Tingley

    nine percent fail rate on Hydraulic fracturing drill sites. Why cant they tell us whats in the fracking fluid? because it contains chemicals that have been banned for use in the us for 30+ years.

  • Tim Tingley

    this company is reckless and irresponsible 57 violations in Susquehanna county alone.Imagine if they didn’t pay for all the politician’s campaigns. Or buy ad time on wnep

  • Karla Horst

    The issues at stake are A) the safety of our water supply for ourselves and future generations. B) the constitutional right of freedom of speech. Personally I am opposed to anything that compromises either.

    • Barbie doll

      The constitutional right of freedom of speech is at stake in what way? ?? Vera is trespassing on private property. She is breaking the law. The is no freedom of speech issue. She continues to spill her lies to anyone who will listen.

  • Fran

    Everyone talks about the environment and what it is doing, I agree with Emily, DON’T drive your car, WALK, Don’t cook with gas, don’t use your gas grill, I do not want to keep paying overseas money to attack us with. I want everything AMERICAN made. I want my kids to have a better life than I did. IF everyone felt like some of you do then we wouldn’t have electric and the lines would have never gone through. SOME people back then fought it like people are fighting the gas now. GET With the times, IF there is that much gas in the ground, HOW long before you are cooking in your back yard and you go KABOOM,, I want it out in as safe a manner as possible rather than it seeping up through the water. and I have seen land look better when they are done than it did before they were there. SO MOVE ON..

  • mike

    Perhaps a better headline would be: WNEP slants the bias of the news to make it look better for Cabot. (must have to keep those constant commercials by cabot bringing in the bucks). Every other news source is reporting how the Inunction was Eased…..

  • George Shark

    WNEP is so jaded by the advertising dollars Cabot spends with them it’s ridiculous. This article is WAY off as it is indeed a win for Scroggins. The judge eased the injunction drastically. Formerly, Ms Scroggins could not step foot on any land which Cabot leased (312 square miles in Susquehanna County alone – including the hospital). As it is now she has to maintain 100 feet away from active sites. That is a huge win as every non-biased news source is reporting.

    As her own attorney has stated :”This is a big victory for Vera Scroggins,” said Scott Michelman, a lawyer with the Public Citizen Litigation Group in Washington, D.C., who represents the activist. “The court recognized it was inappropriate to severely restrict an advocate’s daily activities.”

    In case you can’t understand the above: CABOT LOST!

      • Ed

        Let’s get something straight. Cabot did not ease the injunction, the judge did. Why do you think they were in court for a hearing? A win for Vera and loss for Cabot and all their money.

    • Montrose Resident

      Only a nutcase liberal could claim a victory from a total loss! You and Vera should seek psychological help. No one in Susquehanna County likes or respects this woman, except for the other outside agitators who have moved to Pennsylvania from out of state. Go back to where you came from!

  • steve

    Is it safe to say that this woman is against something that in one form or another she uses,we all do.natural gas heats are homes,water,schools,malls,it cooks the food we eat at restaurants,and is used in making products we buy everyday.

  • Cory

    Bob your ignorance is astounding. I treat flowback water for Cabot and I assure you, your view is astronomically off base. I wish people would get an education on things before they spew their opinion.


      My comment went to the wrong section- scroggins is a freak. if you dont agree dont sign- then they will ‘ go around’ your property and you will lose out- glad my mom signed- it has helped my family greatly and brought down prices in pennsylvania – go cabot!

  • Bob

    So the whole issue is null and void because you do not like the messenger. Wow! Talk about ignorance. I I hope you enjoy toxic chemicals in your water. You can bet your bottom dollar that when your loved ones start developing tumors and other you will be the first one to scream lawsuit. I do love the hypocrisy. Do u s all a favor when this does happen- don’t come whining to us. Instead say a prayer to God about how thankful you are for their deseases. And then write your the republican/tea party member that you voted for and thank them as well. Tell them how honored you are to have your loved ones dying so they can earn a profit.

    Again- your ignoracne is astounding.

    • Emily

      Lol you’re just as much of a disgusting dirty hippie as she is. Go back to your hobbit hole and do some research. Then come out when you’re able to pull America out of the oil and gas debt hole they’re in. While you’re at it, make your own clothes (since yours are actually petroleum based), sell your car since that destroys the environment, cut off your electricity because it’s run on coal power, don’t buy from grocery stores because they use environment destroying factories in most products and do us all a favor and shut your face. If you’re so concerned about the environment, throw your computer out the window and quit bitching on social media and do something. Or go live with the Amish. That’s probably a better bet for you. L thanks.

    • Loren Salsman

      Bob, you obviously have no scientific knowledge. I am one of the 18 folks that are listed in the PADEP Consent Order against Cabot and I drink my water every day. There are no toxic chemicals in anyone’s water and Cabot has been a blessing to our community. Vera needs to be locked up before she causes a spill or injury.

    • Amanda

      Everyone needs to look at the real meaning of this article. A woman was banned from drilling sites because of trespassing! If she were hurt by any of the equipment she would be filing a lawsuit against them. It’s as bad as a burglar suing a homeowner for getting hurt on the property.
      People can protest, but not in an invasive way that puts people in danger.

    • jay

      the lil landowner has a lil chance to get a lil bit ahead by signing a lil lease with HUGE corporation like Cabot. Good for the lil man.
      Take your lil whining somewhere else.

  • deanmars2013

    What most folks seem to forget, (convienantly), is that Cabot has bribed local and state politicians with “Campaign Contributions” for several years. In that time they have recieved a huge number of Notices of Violation from DEP, Been found responsible for contaminating dozens of drinking water wells, fouling the environment at will and then use their huge profits to buy air time on so called “News” Stations such as WNEP. The “Power to Save ” segments have been little more than promotuional ads for this corrupt and careless corporation! Vera, along with many more concerned citizens is brave enough to document and publicize the Real News from her County. I guess the “Economic Boom” is all the Cabot supporters really care about! When tha “Bust ” comes…”I Told You So’s” will be too late.

    • Bob

      Looks like these folks prefer ignorance and money over the health of their kids and loved ones. You can bet each one of these nay saysers will be the first to scream lawsuit when their kids develop tumors and get cancers.

      I say this to them- Go and say a Prayer and Thank God for letting you chose to kill your kids in a slow and painful death so that you could put money in your pockets.

      I expect nothing less for the Tea partiers and republicans. Thier hate for people is only outshined by their lust for money. They will glady kill and torture anyone for the almighty dollar.

      Christians – right..and charles manson is the Pope.

      • jay

        And we are to believe you are the one that supports life for children. You, Bob, the non-tea party republican that’s so concerned about a child’s life. Have you checked out your political brand’s views when it comes to issues of life? there is none in that pro-death party. Give us all a break, Bob. You are upset because of envy- not the children.

    • Montrose Resident

      What you seem to forget is that most Susquehanna County residents, and Pennsylvanians for that matter, are in favour of drilling. There has been no catastrophic effects on the eco system, and will never be any, as the drilling is perfectly safe and scientifically proven so. Drive through Susquehanna County and one can see that no damage has been done to the environment, or to the natural beauty of this wonderful county. True, born and raised, Pennsylvanians know the truth of the situation and support the drilling. It is the know it all liberal trash from out of state that are causing the problems; they should go back from where they came!

  • kinney

    While she has a right to voice her opion…her actions put people in danger. She herself admitted to climbing on equipment…what if she caused an accident?! Potentially her actions could cause way more damage the drilling itself! If she comes on my land, I will have her arrested!!!

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