Check River, Stream Levels Near You

Quality Pavement Repair

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We've been dodging potholes all winter, and this winter has been especially bad!

Now you may be able to fight back with QPR, Quality Pavement Repair.

The maker claims it can fill any pothole in dry or wet weather.

But does it really work?


  • Fred G

    This product sucks for private driveway, it does harden and sticks to tires making a mess. I will never buy this product again. WNEP missed the boat on this one.

  • Rob

    If the cause is simply water freezing within the pavement and breaking/buckling it, then can someone explain why NYS Roads are so much better. They experience the same variation in tempuratures and weather through the course of a winter and spring. Personally I think NYS takes more time to construct and/or fix roads right the first time.

  • tom

    Well-we live in PA,it’s who knows who to get the deal for filling potholes.If someone is doing it correctly,guess that’s all that matters.

  • jay

    It does work but stick with tax dollars spent on union PennDot workers . We need: 1 pothole, 17 PennDot “workers” standing around, 5 PennDot inspectors, 1 shovel, 5 yellow PennDot trucks with flashing lights. The repaired pothole is guaranteed to last 12 to 18 hours. Can’t beat the wise use of taxpayer money.

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