LCCC Evacuated, Classes Cancelled After Threatening Email

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NANTICOKE -- Luzerne County Community College was evacuated Thursday morning due to a threat, according to police.

Luzerne County Community College in Nanticoke was deserted. Classrooms and parking lots were cleared out because of a threat in an email.

A text message was sent out to LCCC students around 9:30 a.m. telling everyone to evacuate the buildings and move their cars off campus, because of a computer threat.

Campus security locked most of the gates leading onto the Nanticoke campus.

Officials now say all of the LCCC campuses are closed because of a threatening email.

"No one really freaked out. We just got up and (it) was all a little confused but got up and left and did what we were told. It's kind of sad," said LCCC student Eric Novroski.  "I'm here to learn, can't do that when this happens."

LCCC officials tell us Nanticoke police and the FBI are investigating.


  • colleenpa

    The video with Thomas Leary is embarrassing. He seems as though it was good for his self ego. I think he liked feeling important ..he even said in interview he isn’t frustrated. Yeah okay well as a student I am!!

  • catymary88

    I am glad everyone is ok however I am annoyed that personally living near by we can’t be told the type of threat. GNA school district is a five minute walk and no offense intended but they have students as young as 5 on their academic campus which goes from Kindergarden thru HIgh school. If the threat was bad enough to close LCCC which is as far as I know just about all ADULTS… why was GNA okay? The only kind of threat I think that would bring FBI into it would be Chemical weapon threat or a threat of a mass murder both of which affects people off the campus grounds as well. A bomb threat DOES not require FBI instead usually state police. I remember being a senior at Pittston Area HS and the state police had to come along with PIttston Police/Yatesville with dogs because of a call of a bomb threat. This threat could not have been a bomb so seriously why is it being kept a secret? It’s not that I don’t care about the college students and faculty but Nanticoke is small. It doesn’t make sense.

  • bob

    :( Me and my room mate walked through the live shot… they edited it since then… guess we lost our 10 seconds lol but it aired live so we still had 10 seconds of fame. Hey WNEP you should email me a copy of the original video :) I’ve never been on tv lol.

    • Nate

      Grow up….you wanting to be on tv and the safety of college students, whats more important? Sounds like you need to find maury povich or jerry springer to get your ten min of fame. Find a way to prioritize youor life…..loser!

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