Happy 108th Birthday, Anna!

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WILLIAMSPORT -- Many more of us are living to see 100 years of age, but a woman in Williamsport celebrated her 108th birthday on Tuesday.

It was the birthday girl's time to shine as Anna DeWald of Williamsport turned 108 years young!

"I declare March 25th as Anna Catherine DeWald day," Williamsport Mayor Gabe Campana said.

Anna lives at the Presbyterian Home at Williamsport. Friends and family gathered to celebrate her 108th birthday.

"I'm just interested in everything. In everything? Yes! Cooking, reading, I love them all. I really do," DeWald said.

Anna's friends and family describe her as "active" and "high-energy."

"She loves to read. She's always been a good cook and she is a great mom," Anna's daughter Mary Hall said.

"She loves gardening in her room. We take her on walks. We take her outside and walk, and when it's nice, sit outside and read," Renna Engel said.

"What is your secret to staying so young? I can't say that, either. I just listen to them all," Dewald said.

Anna's daughter says although her mom enjoyed drinking a beer every once in a while...

"She always ate good. She ate good meals. Three meals a day. Lots of vegetables, lots of fruit," Hall said.

Anna also says she likes getting her nails done and watching westerns.

"I love westerns. Rip roarin' westerns," Anna said.

Employees say they are already gearing up for next year's celebration when Anna turns 109.


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