Family with Ties to the Area Unaccounted for After Mudslide

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HILLSGROVE -- As families search for loved ones in the small Washington state village of Oso, many are holding on to hope.

One of those families has ties to Sullivan County.

Edith Spillers, who is known as EB, grew up in New Albany.

Her son, Billy, and his family live in Washington state. The family happens to live in the small community that was devastated by Saturday's mudslide.

So far, EB's daughter-in-law and one grandchild have been found, but the rest of the family is still unaccounted for.

The New Albany grandmother is on the minds of many as they think of their friend who is going through a tough time.

"I can't imagine what she is going through. I know she's having a very tough time and we just want to let her know all of the people in Sullivan County here are keeping her and her family in their prayers, and we're hoping for the best," David Streck said.

Streck works at the Hillsgrove Country Store with Spillers.

He says it's been very emotional to hear about a friend devastated by such a tragedy.

"It hits you more because you hear about that kind of stuff all the time, but when you know someone that is involved in it, it kind of gets to you a little more," Bridget Boyd said.

A website has been set up to help Billy's wife, Jonielle.

Boyd hopes that people in the Sullivan County area can lend a helping hand to a family that's thousands of miles away.

"I think no matter what happens - hopefully they're found... But they're not going to have a place to live, they're not going to have any of their stuff. Either way, they're going to need it," Boyd said.

For Edith Spillers' boss, he admits his heart is heavy, hoping for the best not just for his co-worker, but for a woman he considers a good friend.

"If she was standing here right now, I would give her  great big hug and tell her I love her and hope everything is alright," Streck said.

To stay up to date on the search for the Spillers family, or to make a donation to the family, you can visit this website.

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    That is so sad! You would think they know earth could give way on mountain ! My blessings for the families!

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