Wal-Mart Customer Has Outburst, Throws Donation Jar At Employee

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TEXAS TOWNSHIP — Charges were filed against a man that, according to police, went into a rage at a Wal-Mart in Wayne County.

State police said Adam Ellson of Carbondale became upset after an employee at the store couldn’t cash his check.

Ellson allegedly threatened to slap one of the employees, and then threw a donation jar which hit another employee.

According to authorities, Ellson stormed out of the store and knocked over displays that were in his path as he left.




  • Casey Rasseerah

    I’ve read online that you get more laughs if you dash from aisle to aisle, whistling the “Mission: Impossible” Theme!

  • ernie

    I don’t blame anyone for trashing any wal-mart property they are the devil in disguise wal-mart is what’s wrong with today economy pay crap wages give crap insurance

  • amy

    Customer service is hard sometimes. I worked at a deli in which a lady didn’t like the way I sliced her liversworth and she threw it at me I caught it in mid air smiled,apologized,and wished her a nice day as I went to get my manager to slice her meat.

  • CCKM

    You get up, go to work in retail, not the police force! No employee outside of law enforcement or a mental ward should expect to be attacked in this manner..

  • JoJo

    Wow people are so ignorant.. unless you know the whole story..don’t add on to it..No one was assaulted..if so I don’t think he would have walked out the door without being cuffed…think about it..

    • annette stark

      Im just saying the man did something or charged wouldnt have been filef ive worked in retail my whole life and know there are policies you have to obey or losr your job dont blame the employee blame the corporate who make the rules the employees are just trying to make a living

    • Skeptic

      Read the story again.
      “…then threw a donation jar which hit another employee…”
      That’s assault, regardless of whether or not the employee was injured. Additionally, the article states that he then stormed out, which means that he was charged after leaving the store.
      Is it really that difficult to read a 4 sentence article?

    • Justanobserver

      He did assault a person when he hit that person with the donation jar! look up the work assault moron before you post about ignorance!

    • amy

      It is considered assault when you throw something and it hits someone doesn’t matter what it is. You can get charged with assault for throwing a wiffle ball yet alone a jar and hit someone.

  • Cashier

    It’s about time a customer gets charged for something like this! :) Customers get away with treating the cashiers like crap all the time, and I am thrilled that FINALLY there is a customer that won’t get away with their insane actions! YAY!!!!! :)

  • Marissa

    not saying the guy had a right to assault employees or damage anything but I worked at a gas station and this kind of behavior happened everyday. I don’t know why this is making the news. I’ve had donation jars, coffee, and numerous other items thrown at me. I’ve also knocked down displays in Walmart that are so strategically placed to be in my f’in way. Especially when they’re stocking the shelves and think it’s okay to block the entrance of EVERY aisle with a full pallet. I try not to go to Walmart anymore, the place is a headache and while I do not condone this mans behavior, I can certainly understand the instant rage that filled his body upon entering the place.

    • CCKM

      From ‘Cashier,’ sounds pretty intelligent to me! “It’s about time a customer gets charged for something like this! :) Customers get away with treating the cashiers like crap all the time, and I am thrilled that FINALLY there is a customer that won’t get away with their insane actions! YAY!!!!!”

  • Susan Tesner

    what else is new … news only says what the customer did and not why the employee wouldn’t cash his check… what did the employee do to the customer ? i know some of walmart employees can be rude

    • Skeptic

      What? The article is about a customer having an outburst, assaulting an employee, and damaging property. The reason why the employee couldn’t cash the check is of no concern. If they can’t cash your check, or even if they’re rude as is your theory, it doesn’t give someone the right to assault an employee and damage property. Walk out and go somewhere else.

      • Centurion

        Susan and George are both part of the problem and are probably relatives of the accused. Unless this jackass was physically assaulted himself, there’s no excuse for his actions and I hope he faces the most severe consequences allowed under the law. When this kind of uncivil behavior becomes acceptable and even defended, it’s a sure sign that our society is in decline.

    • Toni

      For your information it probably had nothing to do with the employee. They have certain procedures to go by when cashing a check. He probably didn’t meet the qualifications and got mad thinking it was the employees fault. In all actuality it was his own fault. It’s always the customer that is rude and when your rude you will get poor service. From the comment that you left i’m taking it as your one of those rude customers. You really need to work in place like that to even understand what they go through every day. I worked there and know exactly what these poor people have to endure every day. They are just trying to make a living like anyone else. So until you know what it’s like don’t open your mouth.

    • lostforgotncelt

      Apparently you’ve never worked in retail or the service industry. Sometimes there are just angry belligerent people out there. And there’s a whole TON of reasons why the employee couldn’t cash the check. The check wasn’t made out to him, he didn’t have ID, the check looked suspicious, it was above the amount they could cash, etc etc etc.

    • annette stark

      there are certain things you have to cash a check at walmart they do not cash all checks some employees are rude but they have to follow the rules insteaf of getting angry witjh the employee ask for a manager

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