Boulder Critically Injures 7-Year-Old Boy

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POTTSVILLE — A boy from Pottsville is in critical condition and his family is at his hospital bedside after an accident Thursday night.

Police say while the 7 year old was playing on a hillside, he was badly injured by a large rock that became dislodged.

Some neighbors of Michael Allen, age 7, of Pottsville are shocked and saddened by what happened to boy Thursday night.

“I was really sad about it and I said a few prayers for them and keep thinking you never know what you’re going to hear anymore. It just seems we keep going from one thing to another,” said Neighbor bill Terrill.

This is what apparently happened: Michael Allen was playing with friends, opened a gate, and walked down an embankment. That’s when tragedy struck.

The elementary school student was near the bottom of the embankment near Mount Hope Avenue when a boulder came loose and rolled over him.

Therese Dieter runs a nearby gym and saw emergency units swarm the scene.

“I can’t even imagine my child being in that situation and being hurt and flown out to a hospital and you don’t know what’s going on. The mother is probably very upset.”

Others say this neighborhood is tightly knit.

“It was terrible. It was an accident.”

Kim Blum knows Michael Allen and his family.

“Just to see a neighbor, a young neighbor, in distress was upsetting,” said Blum as she began to cry.


  • mdog

    Parents . all community need to spot
    these possible dangers and defuse them in safe manner.
    My friend Harold and i defused a huge boulder
    along the river many yrs ago.It was 5′ tall 5′ wide and round.
    We knew kids would be tempted to play on it and saw the hazard.
    So with a little push we sent it to the depths of the Susquehanna.

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