Search For Answers After Shooting That Left Two Dead

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ELDRED TOWNSHIP -- Investigators have been on the scene all day of a shooting that left a father and son dead, trying to find answers on what led to the tragic incident.

Court papers spell out what police in Monroe County think happened when a man walked to his neighbor's house near Kunkletown Wednesday night and shot two people to death along with a dog.

What remains a mystery is why the man would commit the crime.

State police at Lehighton say they're still working to determine why Garry Flyte of Eldred Township allegedly shot and killed two of his neighbors.

Flyte's family says they warned police something like this was going to happen and tried to stop it.

Troopers say two men, Jeffrey Place, 54, and his son, Steven Powell, 30, were shot and killed by their neighbor at their home near Kunkletown.garry flyte mug

Now Garry Flyte is charged with the double homicide.

State police say Flyte called 911 and told them he shot the two men, along with the family dog.

Flyte's family lives just around the corner from where the deadly shooting unfolded and says their thoughts are with the victims and their families.

"I want them to know that we're sorry.  And I've tried so many times by calling the police, find out what's going on up there.  We knew there were drugs, we knew they were being threatened," said the suspect's daughter-in-law Christina Flyte

Flyte's daughter-in-law blames methamphetamines and says she's reported his problems to police.

Troopers tell us that of the 15 times they were called to the property, only once was it for Flyte and there were no criminal charges to file.

"We can respond to the calls that would have been provided to us.  No calls were coming from either one of the properties on that residence in regards to Mr. Flyte, Garry Flyte's behavior," said Trooper David Peters.

The victims' family was back at the scene early Thursday, too distraught to talk with reporters.

Flyte's family just wishes it all never would have happened.

"He was sick. I just really wish I could have done something.  Anybody," said the suspect's granddaughter Melanie Flyte.

"In his sick mind, he thought they were out to get him. He came down and told his son yesterday 'they're going to kill me, I'm going to take them out.'  And we tried, we tried, nobody listened," said Melanie Sakalas, the mother of Flyte's daughter-in-law.

According to court records, Flyte was only charged with one DUI offense before Wednesday night. Now he is locked up in Monroe County facing homicide charges.

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  • ME

    Very unfortunate incident. If a person is ill and on drugs, something is bound to happen, but agencies can’t trample on individual rights. Sometimes there is a thing as “too much” freedom.

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