St. Patrick’s Party Lingers in Litter

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SCRANTON -- Three days after Scranton's Saint Patrick's Parade, one part of the city is a filthy mess.

The Hill Section where a lot of University of Scranton students live is full of litter.

Parts of Scranton's Hill Section neighborhood, home to The University of Scranton and many of its students, looks like a ghost town this week littered in green.

After students host some of their biggest parties of the year for the Scranton St. Patrick's Parade many of them split Sunday morning heading home for spring break.

But, days later remnants of their weekend party still linger.

"These students, they are not kids anymore, they are grown up. They have got to be responsible, and we have to make sure that we and the University work together on this problem," said Robert Quinn, president of the Hill Neighborhood Association.

Quinn said it's frustrating for the people who live here year-round.

Folks who call the Hill Section home said it will look a little cleaner later on in the week when the Scranton DPW crews do their regular trash pick up. But, they only pick up trash that is in bags or cans.

It's the litter that lingers and it's up to landlords to clean it up.

Ken Sandrowicz owns 11 properties in Scranton with student tenants. He spent hours cleaning the yards of his apartment buildings on Sunday and has come back every day since.

"Especially after you spend all this time and money cleaning all this up and it just keeps blowing down the hill. I know a lot of the others are out-of-state, a lot of the other landlords are out-of-state," Sandrowicz said.

Sandrowicz said, in the past, Scranton city officials cited those out-of-town landlords for leaving the litter over the students' spring break. And after this year, he thinks they should go back to that practice.

"I always tell my people that I don't put away my shovel and my rake until after parade day!" he added.

University of Scranton officials said two student volunteer groups have plans to clean up after break.

Residents said, until then, they'll try to keep their eyes off the ground.


  • angie

    This is what you get when you allow absentee landlords to rent to college kids. Why us anyone surprised? And, good for the landlord who’s taking responsibility for cleaning up his properties.

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