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Multi-million Dollar Church Center Nears Completion

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HONESDALE -- There is a big building project underway in Honesdale.

A church in that community is close to finishing phase one of its new Vineyard Center, a $3 million facility it hopes will serve the needs of folks in the area.

Last June, the First Presbyterian Church of Honesdale tore down a home near the high school to make way for the center which will be home to preschool and daycare programs and so much more.

"I think it's a way to expand into the community to respond to the needs of the community in the way that God has led us," said Emily Wilken, Director of Ministries for the church.

For years, the church basement has served as the preschool and Wilken said it was time to expand.

Parents like Julie Becker are looking forward to the new center and the programs it will have for all age groups.

"I think its great the kids will have a new facility to go to school at and also along the lines of bringing the community together also," she said.

In addition to all the man hours the contractors have been putting in at the Vineyard Center, folks with the First Presbyterian Church have been coming out, donating time to get some of the work done like painting to get the job done on time.

The Vineyard Center will have a large gym under roof. Dan Burkavage of Dakan Enterprises explained there will be locker rooms, a cafe and arcade too. And that's not all.

"This particular room is going to be a full basketball court, with a tennis court and two volleyball courts that can operate at the same time," he said.

The preschool is slated to move-in within the month and the rest should open in time for summer.