Case of Road Rage Stretches Through Two Counties

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A case of road rage on Friday stretched through two counties.

According to state police, a woman was driving on Route 6 in Honesdale, Wayne County, when a man in a dark colored Jeep Cherokee started following her. The victim said she lost sight of the man, but he got behind her again about five miles west of Honesdale.

He continued to follow her as she passed through Whites Crossing, and then into Fell Township in Lackawanna County.

The woman said she pulled over, and the man walked up to her car and smashed the front driver side window. The man took off, hitting the front of the woman’s car.

The picture is a composite sketch of the man. Troopers said he was wearing a baseball hat and sunglasses with dark frames on the front and gold colored arms.

Anyone with information is asked to call state police out of Dunmore at (570) 963-3156.


  • Robert

    No information here and I agree that this says comments. Helpful information is ALSO a comment. So you’re both right. People–please do NOT get out of your car for ANYBODY unless it is a Police Officer that is properly identified him or herself. Drive to the nearest police station and see how far they’re willing to carry on with their BS. Just make sure it’s a 24 7 police station and not one of them hit or miss townships. Or screw the CELLPHONE law and dial 911 or have a passenger do it and find the nearest State Police officer. I’m sure the cops will overlook the cellphone ban under the circumstances.

  • Denise Yorn

    there are alot of nuts out there.. i just had a run in with one less then 2 weeks ago.. the lady was drunk and slammed into my truck on purpose!!! (at the time she told the troopers she was suicidal but later retracted that statement) totaled my truck!! and this was also in Honesdale.

  • Susan F

    I too had a bad experience on the Casey and I DID call the State Police but to no avail. My experience was during a snowstorm. The man was driving a Toyota Tundra truck. Black with gold trim; his license plate was covered with snow and I couldn’t get it. He tried not once but twice to force me off the road right after the Whites Crossing entrance. The first time he tried to push me on to the shoulder where snow was piled up from the plow. I slowed down to let him get ahead which he did ’cause he was driving like a lunatic – very fast. Then he slowed down and tried the 2nd time to not only force me off the road but hit me. I feel bad for this woman. There are a lot of nuts out there!

  • Skeptic

    Someone was “following” her on a main road, so she pulled over (apparently in a place off this main road where nobody else could see), let him walk up to her, and when he smashes her window she just stays put and lets him ram the FRONT of her car as he’s driving off? Sounds more like she crashed her car doing something stupid on a friday out and doesn’t want to fess up.

    • Brahm

      There’s only about 2 places in that area to pull over. Both are populated, for that area. Get over yourself.

  • Tom R

    The article above states – “Anyone with information is asked to call state police out of Dunmore at (570) 963-3156.” If you have information, call the police, instead of leaving a comment on this forum.

  • vw

    she obviously lacks common sense. which makes me wonder if the story is true and not some 17 year old girl making up a story to her parents so she doesn’t get in trouble for the real reason the window got broken,

  • Unknown

    that woman should have driven to the nearest police station or dialed 911, pulling over wasnt smart, that guy could have been armed u dont know these days whats is happening in their tiny minds.

  • jhosk

    I wish that dude acted the same way with myself, rather than that woman. I guarantee you there would be a different outcome. I do not tolerate bullies, not even a little.

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