Chickens Taken From Hazleton Home, Questions Remain

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HAZLETON -- Animal rescue officers removed all those chickens that were found in the basement of a home that caught fire in Hazleton.

At the same time, Hazleton officials are trying to find out how and why the chickens were in the home in the first place.

They were discovered Wednesday night in the basement of a home in Hazleton after emergency crews went there for reports of a fire.

Animal rescue crews left the house on North Vine Street in Hazleton late Thursday in a truck carrying cages full of chickens. It took two hours to get all of the animals out of the basement.

On Wednesday, officials discovered 97 chickens after responding to a fire in the building.  They say it appears that some of the chickens were removed overnight.

Officials say having chickens in the basement of the house violates a city ordinance that chickens must be kept in a space of at least 40,000 square feet.

The homeowner faces citations and fines.

A city health official says when asked about the chickens, the homeowner claimed he didn't know they were there.

The chickens are on their way to the Lands at Hillside Farms in the back mountain area of Luzerne County.

Police are investigating the possibility that the chickens were being kept for cockfighting but a city health official say that's hard to prove.


  • Mad In Hazleton

    Gee look more outstanding citizens of Hazleton’s Latino’s population.Yep the Latino community is dragging Hazleton right down the toilet……should rename Hazleton to Little Newark

  • Joy

    The chicken in the cage with the missing feathers because of cockfighting appears to be a hen…. I love how the reporter says it’s “funny” that these chickens were kept in the basement. Birds rip their own feathers out because of stress. Let’s lock her in a dark basement and see how hilarious that is. That reporter and the way this stations jokes about this is completely disgusting.

  • John Stevens

    1 question that still hasn’t been answered was who owns the home. It seems like 16 doesn’t want to tell us the name of the owner of the home. Maybe because the person isn’t lawfully in the US. Lets hear the truth. Report after report and no name of the owner of the home. They talked to the owner but didn’t give his name.

  • Tracey

    At the time of the airing of the report the birds were scheduled to go to Hillside Farms. After discovering how many birds and various types of birds were in the house that we weren’t expecting, I decided to move the birds to several local area farms instead of Hillside Farms. We want to thank Hillside Farm for their generous offer to take the birds, but we decided to place them on several private farms instead of with Hillside Farms because of the number of birds and types of birds that we found. If you have any further questions, please contact myself as Hillside doesn’t have any of the birds that were removed today from the property. Thank you.

    • laurie

      Hi tracey. I have been looking for 2 black bantam hens. Any chance there are some. We lost our little hen in the fall. We have 3 rescue chickens.

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