VIDEO: Nude Photo Suspect Hits WNEP Reporter With Purse

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HANOVER TOWNSHIP – A woman who admitted posting nude photos of her husband's girlfriend online hit a Newswatch 16 reporter on her way out of court on Tuesday.

Investigators in Luzerne County say Ottaviani wanted to get even with her soon-to-be-ex-husband.  They say she tried going after his new girlfriend and that woman's son.

Minutes after Ottaviani agreed to plead guilty to charges of corruption of minors and criminal use of a computer, she tried ripping away our microphone when we tried getting her side of the story.

When Newswatch 16 tried to get Ottaviani's side of the story, she tried ripping the microphone away and later hit Newswatch 16 reporter Bill Wadell in the face with her purse, as family members tried to block the camera.

Ottavani's estranged husband lives in Luzerne County.

Court records say that back in January Ottaviani hacked into his computer and cell phone and stole naked photos of his girlfriend.

Investigators say Ottaviani created a fake Facebook page and added the girlfriend's son as a friend.

Police say that 14 year old looked at the page out of curiosity and ended up seeing naked photos of his mother.

Hanover Township police are now investigating Ottaviani's actions outside the court hearing.

Investigators explained how she hacked in and who else she targeted with that fake Facebook page.


  • Lynne T

    No one deserves to get hit, under any circumstances. And while she may be angry regarding the circumstances surrounding her divorce, she crossed the line posting the pictures on FB and then friending the “other woman’s” son so that he would see them. I hope she doesn’t have children. i would worry about what she has exposed them to if she does.Clearly she has anger management and impulse control issues that she needs to deal with. Hope Bill Waddell is okay and he absolutely press charges!

  • Janna

    What a pathetic loser she is posting naked pics on her husbands girlfriends sons Facebook ! Grow the hell up! No wonder the husband left her… Hope Her next charge is for assaulting the reporter!

    • Joe

      She didn’t post them to his facebook she made a facebook with the photos in it and added her son as a friend.. Wrong by all means I just had to correct your comment

  • eddie

    She had no right to lash out at Bill like that…..But you got to admit, it was pretty funny the way that Bill admitted defeat when he saw that purse coming ’round the corner.

  • Cy

    She should have been arrested for assault. It’s no wonder the guy is her ex-husband. She is out of her mind.

  • Whoa

    The reporter should of just backed off round one !!! When they keep going at people that when things go down !! Yeah she’s childish and did a stupid thing !! Divorce battles aren’t pretty ! People act out !! She stressed and doesn’t need someone coming at her again and again !! She does have rage issues obviously !! Some people just don’t grow up !!! They live grade school life !

  • dave1

    Ok, after watching this a few times maybe she should not have hit the WNEP person but the bald guy who put his arm on her, she should have kneed him !

    • Bradley

      That guy was the arresting Luzerne County Detective, and he was detaining her until Bill said he didn’t want to press charges.

  • Frank

    Lol. That’s great. I would have done the same thing. In both instances. Posting the cheating husbands girlfriends pics online and hitting a reporter who’s approaching me during the hardest time in my life with a total lack of sensitivity of the situation shoving a microphone in my face.

  • mary ann balko

    News reporters have a job. And part of that job is to ask questions. He was assaulted for doing his job and she was in the wrong. She was not obligated to answer him. She should have kept on walking away from the reporters, gotten into her car and drove away.

      • Lisa

        I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU! Hey lets shove a microphone in her face for the sake of sensationalism and not expect to upset her. He was baiting her! We need laws of how close reporters and paparazzi can come to people in these cases.

  • Scott Carpency

    Good thing it was a built, tall guy like Bill, looks like he didn’t get hurt, that’s good. I’m sure she could’ve really beaten up someone smaller. She’s nuts, but can’t you see that already.

  • Keith

    Deb, your what’s wrong with America today. The reporter was justified in doing his job.. It’s assault.. You sound like a liberal who is under medicated.
    Nick, corruption of miners is because she posted the nude pics on Facebook for the world to see including children.
    Yes she should be charged with assault, to serve a sentence in prison then taken to a state hospital for the rest of her days.. She is a danger to the American people.

    • Lynne Fazio

      A danger to the American people? Really? Keith – b/c her scum bag husband cheated on her and she posted the pics – okay shouldn’t be seen by children but what a “great” guy. I bet if that was a man who got man you would have a different answer. Wow really? Danger to America, I can’t get over that one.

  • Susan

    I think he should press charges against her for assault. That was on called for an very childish of a 54 year old woman. An putting nude pics of your soon to be ex husband’s girlfriend on the web is beyond childish. Grow up woman your 54 years old not 2

  • Michele

    Assault is assault. She was not acting in self defense she was acting out. She did not want to be questioned. Walk away and into an anger management meeting.

  • Megan

    I don’t think he was too aggressive at all. She started attacking him as soon as she came out the door! He was just doing his job. All he said was, do you want to apologize? She pleaded guilty so it’s not like he was falsely accusing her of something. I hope he pressed charges!

  • Tracey

    Hope she gets charged that was ridiculous. Just goes to show what kind of person she is…NASTY! Hope you’re ok Bill!

  • Dustin

    Too aggressive? He was doing his job. There’s a reason the woman is the one in trouble with the law. Don’t take it out on the reporter.

  • Those Who Took Over The Movies

    If you can’t take the questions that reporters are posing to you, don’t put yourself in the news in the first place!! Throw the book!

  • JoAnn

    HAHAHA, the reporter deserved it? He was just doing his job! He didn’t deserve it, she deserves to have charges filed against her!

  • Rebecca

    I heard someone say (on the video) that they’re going to have her arrested for assault, as well they should. If you don’t want to be on the news- stay the hell out of trouble.

  • Jim Chickson

    I’d press additional charges against her. Assault is assault is assault. No other name can describe what she just did to the reporter.

    • johnnyd

      The reporter was too aggressive ??? Are you out of your mind ? SHE assaulted HIM. I’d say SHE was aggressive and should be brought up on charges.

      • john france

        wow johnnyd, must be a friend of bill or bill himself! I wonder if you would like a mic shoved in your face after you leave the court room

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