Pothole Patching Keeps PennDOT Crews Busy

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CLARKS SUMMIT-- Patching potholes has become a regular routine for PennDOT crews in Lackawanna County.

Newswatch 16 met up with workers who were patching Routes 6 and 11 between Dalton and Clarks Summit.

"We're trying to patch up these holes its been a really rough year. They're springing up like all over the place," PennDOT employee, Gary Preschutti said.

A majority of this winter PennDOT crews have been using a cold patch.

PennDOT says a cold patch is made up of small rocks covered in oil which temporarily fills the potholes.

The crew we were with in Lackawanna County was using hot asphalt a more permanent pothole filler.

Even with a more permanent solution like hot asphalt, crews worry that more wintry weather and possibly more rain may impact the work they have completed.

"Overnight they pop up believe it or not. The next couple of days when it rains and freezes, they'll pop up again you know," Preschutti said.

Drivers like Bob Semon of Factoryville say its been tough trying to dodge these holes, especially in the dark.

"You can't see the potholes in the morning. It would be better if it was daylight but still there is no reason for it as far as I'm concerned," Semon said.

Other drivers like Roger Miller understand the battle PennDOT is up against.

He does road work in La Plume Township that also has the same pothole problems.

"It's just something that you have to put up with. Especially this kind of winter because it's constantly thawing in the daytime hours and freezing at night and even if you patch them it blows them out of the hole," Roger Miller said.

PennDOT officials say weather permitting crews will be out all week filling potholes.

Officials are also planning to have lines repainted on major highways within Lackawanna County within a few days.