Hunting Dogs Stolen In Columbia County

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GREENWOOD TOWNSHIP -- The hunt is on for a pair of hounds that somebody snatched from a front yard in Columbia County.

The thief may have believed she was doing the dogs a favor.

The owner of the dogs said her husband is heartbroken after their hunting hounds, Missy and Susie, were stolen Friday morning.

Two dog houses now sit empty in the front yard of 624 Rohrsburg Road near Orangeville after someone snatched 15-year-old Missy and 8-year-old Susie.

"Oh, that is not good. Why would somebody steal a dog?" asked neighbor Joseph Cirafici.

Tracey Travelpiece and her husband Darrell own the pair of mixed breed hounds, trained to hunt coyote.

"My husband called me at work and asked if any of his buddies had taken the dogs hunting, and I said no. He says 'their collars and everything lay here and the dogs are gone,'" Tracey said.

A neighbor told state police Friday around 10:30 a.m. a woman in a dark sedan pulled up to the house, put the dogs in her car and took off.

"The dogs are very friendly. They are not the type to go after you, so they would probably seem trustworthy to anyone who would come up and pet them, but why someone would come on our property and take them?"

While trained hunting dogs can be valuable, Travelpiece says her neighbor told her the dog snatcher actually said what she was going to do and why.

"She thought they looked a little thin, and she said she was new to the area and had dogs like this before and did she think they would mind if they took them," Travelpiece said. "My neighbor said the next thing she knew, the dogs were gone."

Travelpiece says the animals may have looked skinny because they recently started eating a new brand of dog food. She adds that even if someone believed the dogs were in danger, just taking them is against the law.

"I would just ask her to please return our dogs. We don't (abuse) them, or anything and we would like to have them back."

Travelpiece says she hopes whoever has the dogs is at least taking good care of them.

If you have any information, state police in Bloomsburg want to hear from you.


  • Sarah

    I realize that everyone thinks that it is abuse but its not.. there hunting dogs, what do u expect! I hunt and the dogs do lose weight! The change of feed have a big effect on it to! I’m really close to the family and I know how they treat their dogs! They have food and water all the time! You don’t know how they feed them or water them so stop being bullies about it! If you knew them, you would know.

  • clever

    Bottom Line is these dogs look very very thin.To the owners your change of diet is bs to me.Don’t try to cover up your lies.Hunting dogs that skinny and thin.I sure hope they have the strength to run from not being nourished.Truth is people in COLUMBIA COUNTY THERE IS A HUGE ABUSE AND NEGLECT PROBLEM GOING ON IN THE BACK RURAL AREAS.1 HUMANE OFFICE THAT COVERS SO MANY COUNTIES CAN’T GET TO EVERY CALL.The owners should be charged with neglect.These dogs are used as tools like most uneducated people in the back rural areas of Columbia County treat all their animals as TOOLS and nothing more.You think this is sad.You should see all the AMISH IN COLUMBIA COUNTY HOW THEY TREAT THIER ANIMALS AND ALL THE PUPPY MILLS.These 2 dogs have been neglected and the lady knows it and the owners are not being honest don’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out.If I would be ashamed to even show my face on tv with dogs looking like that.Dogs don’t need to be locked up all day to a chain or pampered,but these 2 dogs sure deserve a better home.

    • Thomas

      Looks like you hate country people about as much as I hate you city folk. Please stay in it urban crap hole and leave us alone.

      • Brahm

        How do you who’s from the city and who’s not? Stupid knows no city limit or county line. I live in the country and have dogs. Their not outside in this weather and I don’t like how you’re making rural living people look stupid like you. Please shut up.

    • Thomas

      Please also learn how to construct a sentence so I don’t have to work my whole life to support all the government aid that dimwit city folk like you get.

    • jenniferlynn329

      “clever”, you’ve never seen dogs who were diabetic and looked sickly while the owner was giving regular meals, and medicine, and diabetes insulin injections? I have! It happens! It took over 3yrs to get Baby a diet in which she looked ‘normal’ again.

  • Michelle

    For all the people Hi fiving the woman who took the dogs. You made it clear you back her up. Will you pay her fines as well?

  • Thomas

    It’s not abuse for outside dogs to live outside. Would shutters, and landscaping in front of the dog house make it ok? Lol. Get real, the dog
    Doesn’t care if his dog house looks beautiful. Lots of dogs are meant to live outside. They are animals. Believe me, they didn’t have indoor plumbing and a tv and couch in their natural environment. Its abusive to keep your inside dog cooped up in the house all day. Dogs need to be outside and run free in the fresh air, not overweight and cooped up in an artificial environment like your house. You indoor dog abusers are disgusting.

      • terry

        I totally have a different opinion on how to treat a dog. to me, they are family members. Granted, dogs that spend all their time indoors without adequate excercise and fresh air is a lousy situation also, I guess i have a problem with tethering. If it is done for only SHORT periods of time, under supervision, and dogs are allowed to come into the home at night, bad weather etc., even the basement, garage etc. somewhere safe, i could live with that, although dont like that either. Tethering is a threat to the safety of the dog. There have been so many cases where tethered dogs have become victims. They become targets for other animals in which they cannot escape, and targets of humans!,which is the case here! Hopefully, the person who took these animals, although it was illegal, are treating them well and had good intentions. Tethered dogs are often stolen by thieves for sale to research institutions, or worse for organized animal fights. If these dogs were not left out tethered unsupervised (even someone at home), they very well may not have beed taken.. Let’s face it, an enclosed run would be a better solution. they would not be chained, they would be somewhat protected from animals and people. If this person could afford rifles, ammo (ugh!), they would have been better off getting, constructing a locked run, with food and there houses inside. Tethering to me is a lousy option. If it weren’t why is the Humane Society working to outlaw it.?

  • Madison

    Okay people, you all have no idea what youre talkng about. I know the owners, I grew up with these people, I go to school with their youngest daughter. They DO take care of these dogs. They DO have bedding, and are runned every week. They do have food and water, it was even there when they were stolen. None of you know them, the dogs, or the story. Dont be so quick to assume. If they were so “abused” then why did the oldest dog live to be 15?? Huh? Ive never seen an unhealthy, abused, skinny dog live to be 15… Use common sense people. They want their dogs back, their valuable hunting dogs and theyve been part of their family for a very long time.

  • Mar

    Maybe this person drives by every day, no matter the weather, and has seen these poor dogs outside every…single…day! Those ” houses” look hideous! No dog should be tied up all day outside. Now, taking the dogs is illegal. But unfortunately, if a dog has shelter and food, animal control does nothing. Tethering is awful. And enough of this “inside dogs are overweight” nonsense. I have two dogs, older dogs, in wonderful shape because I excercise them and watch what they eat. And my vet makes sure to monitor their weight carefully as I do. They are warm and loved. You know, I hope the person that took them has them inside on a warm bed giving them all the attention in the world. Hunting dogs…bull. I lived next door to a guy who hunted..his poor animal was outside all day. When he was let free to run in the yard, only occasionally, he was starved for attention and would go nuts…and he died young.

  • kasey

    Anybody who thinks this is justified is off their rocker you should never steal somebody’s pets because you THINK they are being treated poorly they could have been skinny for any reason and switching dog food clearly can make a dog thin if it couldn’t the police wouldn’t of believed them they are hunting dogs people meant to be outside I’m guessing most of these people complaining about it don’t own hunting dogs nobody who doesn’t know the people and dogs know what’s going on everybody is so quick to judge these days these dogs are taken car of anybody could tell that some people just want somthing to complain about maybe they should mind their own business.

  • Ashley Dancho

    Many fat, over pampered house dogs do not make 15 years. One of these dogs did. Dogs are animals and born to survive outside. Just like deer, foxes , coyotes, farm animals ect.. I’m tired of these animal rights nuts carrying on like dogs were people. They are not. They are born to survive outside like all animals. When we were kids we played outside all,day in all kinds of weather. We were healthy. Today’s kids are always sick and so many are over weight and out of condition. Too much sitting in the house , eating and playing with electronics. Now there are people who want to make dogs into people.
    Not a natural life for a dog . Respect dogs enough to allow them to be dogs, not force them into a life that is not natural for them to suit your own selfish needs to make them into people. Its wrong in my opinion. I wish people cared more about other human beings than worrying about other people’s pets and trying to force their beliefs on making them into people , on other people. I hope the woman is caught and prosecuted for this theft. She’s a criminal. With all these extremists we are now a country where dogs have more rights than people. No one cares if human beings need help, but if its a dog that does look out. Just in case you think I hate dogs , its not true. I actually like them better than I like most people. I just love them enough to allow them to be dogs and not try to change them into people . I hope these dogs are found and returned to their owners. They wouldn’t be looking for them so hard if they didn’t care for them.

  • HD


  • Shawn Musselman

    All this chatter about abuse is ridiculous because there outside and there ribs are showin thats abuse? Open yur eyes and do a bit of research before voicing yur opinion. One its not against the law to keep a dog outside. Two there hunting dogs which at times they run up to 15 miles a day which of coarse there not gonna have a whole lot of weight on them. Three the dogs are fed and watered everyday. And last but not least the man is taking time outta of his own life with his dogs that are always happy to kill coyotes so they dont over populate n kill yur so called “non abused house dogs” or attack one of your kids when they go outside. And may i add didnt a bill get passed in the state of pa to grant money to people who kill coyotes cause there over populated?.

  • AmandaM

    I agree, changing dog food doesn’t make them thin. That story is bs. These dogs were clearly being starved. Although it is illegal to take them the person who did this did the animals a great favor. They belong in your house with you or in a comfortable kennel with bedding NOT ON A CHAIN. If these were someone’s kids they’d be taken away and the parents charged. This makes me sick. When are laws going to be fair for the well being of animals! I hope they never get their dogs back!

  • Liz

    I see no insulation or bedding in those make shift dog houses. I see 2 short coat breeds left out in the bitter cold and all the elements. I see thin dogs. I see an old dog that definitely has arthritis. I see cruelty. There are some breeds that prefer the cold and have the coats to endure it and even enjoy it but these two are not in that category. I can’t tell you how many dogs I have stolen over the years because if you wait for the courts to do something, the animal will have already suffered and died a horrible death. I commend this woman for doing the humane thing for these dogs. I am sure they are indoors, warm and cozy and well fed. They probably think they already died and went to heaven.

    • Fred

      Were a country of laws. Unfortunately your opinions do not entitle you to theft. I hope some day you are charged and prosecuted.

  • V

    I’m an animal lover & against any kind of abuse. However, how can everyone say the dogs are abused? Most house dogs are grossly overweight (which is also abuse, by the way) & these are hunting dogs. Fat dogs can’t hunt. Also, none of you have ever had a pet that took a bit to get used to new food? Must be all those fat house dogs that will eat anything put in front of them. Short chain?? For all you know that dog in the pic is on a leash being held by someone. Everyone here is so quick to judge and condemn the owners based on nothing more than some strange woman’s assumption of abuse.

    • Fred

      Exactly. I’d be the first to go through the correct channels to take these dogs if they were in fact abuse. Everyone here is just assuming they are abused when nobody knows that.

    • AmandaM

      You can CLEARLY see hips and ribs! Thisa ludicrous comment you clearly don’t know how to take care of an animal.

    • Kat L.

      Exactly, well said. Why isn’t there a like button on here? People are too quick to assume and jump to abuse. They know nothing about the family or how them and their dogs are bonded, or cared for, and to assume they know more than that these two dogs were stolen is ignorant and self-righteous.

    • Brahm

      People live outside in many third world counties. They don’t have fur either Fred. Besides those were short haired dogs and technically they don’t have fur either. Short HAIRED.

  • Teddyted Fleming

    Whoever took those poor dogs did the dogs a Favor! They probably have it better now this dogs have been abused I could see that! The so called owners of those poor things should be charged with animal cruelty . I hope they never find that person who took them and maybe the Idiot Neighbor just made some person up. Instead of telling on this person the Neighbor should have called the Humane Society to turn the owners in! Have you seen the garbage around that House and those so called doghouses? We have Dogs to but they’re in the House and they are Family. If there is Justice I hope the Owners will get charged with dog abuse and for those who look the other way when abuse happens no matter what type SHAME ON YOU

  • Marie Stoves

    so this anti tethering law? Is that going to mean that I , who do not have a fenced yard, cannot put my dogs out on their tie out cable to do their business? Without a fence to keep them safe , they need a tether to keep them in the yard and away from the road. They ring a bell to go out and bark or slam the door to come in. As soon as they indicate they want in, they are brought in. My little dog even gets to wear a coat if it is cold outside. Are they going to outlaw that? I agree with a law that stops dogs from being put on heavy chains and kept outside 24/7 or even over an hour in winter. But using a tie out designed for your dogs size and weight is just being responsible. not cruel

    • Bridget

      Anti tethering laws are for the people who have a dog and keep it outside and chained 24/7. I’m pretty sure letting your dog out to do his business wouldn’t be an issue.

  • Fred

    Nobody has a right to steal someone elses dog. Many people in rural areas including myself keep outside dogs. We bring them inside when its very cold. I would be FURIOUS if someone decided to come onto my property and steal my dogs with no reason. If someone believed the dogs were mistreated, call the authorities, don’t steal them. Dogs that live outside are ABSOLUTELY fine with proper shelter and bedding. It is the same way animals lived for thousands of years and still do. All of you idiots calling people who keep outside dogs abusers please give it a rest, you are radical nuts. Lots of animals prefer to be outside. Worry about your own life, not anyone elses. I hope this woman is caught and prosecuted. I wasnt suprised to hear she just moved to the area. Most likely a liberal implant from some city.

    • Eric

      My neighbor who used to beat his child said the exact same thing when questioned about his abuse. “Worry about your own life, not anyone elses”, is what he would repeat, word for word, over and over and over. That is until he was arrested and convicted of child abuse. Funny thing is he had the same view about his dogs, which were treated the same way as yours are treated. Not all dogs have fur adequate for every climate. To say that all dogs are fine being outside, in the winter in this region is ignorant. But that coincides with the rest of your rant. Also did you try to blame liberals for this situation? I pity your dogs and your family, you probably treat them the same way.

      • Fred

        So anyone that keeps happy dogs suited for outside is now a child abuser? It’s fine to have your opinion that no dog should live outside, but frankly all that is is your opinion. Should we bring all wild animals and livestock in our homes as well?

    • Kat L.

      My thoughts exactly. Dogs and cats have lived outside and thrived for thousands of years without our help. We don’t understand any of that because we’ve always worn clothes to keep warm and don’t have fur and have always lived in houses or structures, because humans don’t regulate heat/cold the same way as other animals, that’s why humans used to kill and steal animals’ fur to wear, so to assume having them out because it’s cold to us is overly critical and not at all the point here. And they don’t know that they even leave them out for long just because they have dog houses, they are supposed to have dog houses if they are out, and if they weren’t out there, someone would say it’s abuse because there’s no dog houses. If they weren’t on a leash or chain it would be illegal because you can’t let a dog run at large without being in a fenced in area or on a leash/ invisible fence. And if they were in a fenced-in yard or enclosure they would say they were locked up and caged. What do people think their house is? They were stolen from their family, and that is illegal and wrong, and that is the point here. Period. What this woman did is unacceptable and cruel, and bigoted. When we were kids we would go outside for hours and play in the snow, so it would have been ok for some random person to drive by and kidnap us, too? Maybe that’s why so many kids are inside playing X-box instead of being outside socializing and building snow forts, having snowball fights, or going sledding. I guess that’s cruelty now. The people here advocating to steal another pet are defending it, mostly because they’ve probably done it too and say they’ve “rescued” and are defending themselves because they see how wrong it is but don’t want to admit it.

      • Brahm

        @ Kat. Neither dogs nor cat are indignant to this country. They have never survived here without our help. They are for the most part warm weather animals. Put on all your clothes the next time its -25 out and chair yourself to the front yard. Then enjoy freezing to death.

  • Amy

    I am a animal lover and want all animals cared for properly but no matter the reason, stealing is stealing and you dont take someone’s dogs without permission. if you feel they are in need of attention you call the proper authorities. I pray these dogs are ok and not being abused by the person who took them.

  • Brahm

    I’ve changed to a better dog food and my dog gained weight. Must have done it wrong. If the neighbor didn’t agree with the woman who rescued them and why I think she would have called the cops or, at least their owners.

  • j

    really though fine if the dogs were not taken care of call the proper people just taking something that does not belong to you and is on someone elses property is called stealing its one thing if the dogs were just running around town with no one in sight and looked like they have been strays for awhile….

  • Diane Jaghab

    Really? Those poor, emaciated dogs lost weight because of a new food? Perhaps LACK of food is a better explanation. And I’m sure they’ve been trdpped outside in the recent deadly cold and snow. If the woman who took them truly had good intentions, then God bless her and I hope those people never see those dogs again.

  • Ally Stone

    Look at the hip bones sticking out of those dogs’ backs – that’s not a change in feed, that’s malnourishment- seems to me their guardian angel finally came through for them. Shame on the Travelpieces.

    • jenniferlynn329

      “Ally Stone”, you’ve never seen dogs who were diabetic and looked sickly while the owner was giving regular meals, and medicine, and diabetes insulin injections? I have! It happens! It took over 3yrs to get Baby a diet in which she looked ‘normal’ again.

  • Marie

    I agree with you Charlie. People should not chain their dogs outdoors. That is not a good life for a dog.I’m glad they were taken. Hopefully they will now have a happy, well fed, warm life – indoors!

  • Charlie Underwood

    These dogs are probably chained outdoor dogs, in all kinds of weather, including bitterly cold weather. That, to me, is abuse. The PA legislature is considering an anti-tethering law. One of the dogs is 15 years old, for goodness sake, and one of them had some kind of lump on its back. These people aren’t victims; the dogs are the victims. I hope they are given good indoor homes and NEVER returned to these animals abusers.

    • Kris

      I agree with Charlie…indeed if left out in all knds of weather is ABUSE.
      I have changed my dogs food and NEVER did they look so thin like these dogs. Hopefully they are safe and good hands.

      • Fred

        My dogs are treated badly because they live outside? That makes about as much sense as you comparing people who keep happy outside dogs to child abusers. It’s sad we have people with your IQ populating the planet.

    • Kat L.

      You do know if these dogs were really starved or left to the elements like you make it sound and don’t have the fur to regulate their heat in the winter, that there is no way that they could have a dog that weathered 8 years and another that’s made 15 years and going. If it was really that harsh they wouldn’t have made it through one winter, so I guess the family must not have been that bad and must have been doing something right. Most people’s dogs don’t live much past 10 years so I’d say they’re doing great to have one at 15. If they didn’t care, they wouldn’t have this on the news looking for them. If they really thought they were abused, why not call the cops or animal control? Because animal control probably can’t do anything and everyone knows that because they have adequate shelter and food and water and it’s not illegal. But kidnapping is illegal and she should be prosecuted. I can’t stand how many people actually have themselves convinced that stealing is ever “rescuing”. There is a real problem with thousands of animals no one wants being killed in a shelter every day. Why not go and actually save one that will die for real if it’s not adopted, not someone’s pet from their property.

    • jenniferlynn329

      “Charlie Underwood”, you’ve never seen dogs who were diabetic and looked sickly while the owner was giving regular meals, and medicine, and diabetes insulin injections? I have! It happens! It took over 3yrs to get Baby a diet in which she looked ‘normal’ again.

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