Changes on Turnpike in Lackawanna County

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There is a traffic warning to those traveling on the Pennsylvania Turnpike in Lackawanna County for the next few weeks.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission advises drivers traveling northbound on I-476 between Keyser Avenue (Exit #122) and Clarks Summit (Exit #131), to be prepared for a single-lane traffic pattern starting Monday morning.

Officials say crews will be replacing the deck on a bridge.

Sections of the northbound lanes of the turnpike over the nine-mile stretch will be down to one lane until April 5.


  • david hardin

    That stretch should be free, and why do they have 9 miles of single lane for a bridge.. because their too lazy too remove the barrier between north and south bound. Just think of all the big heavy trucks going up that hill north bound slowing everyone else down. And if they are not slowing you down it’s probably got a 40 mph speed limit!

    • disgusted

      Then I guess people should leave early to get to their destination. Stop your complaining at least the roads on that stretch of the turnpike are way better than any PennDot road.

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