Coroner: Couple Dies in Apparent Homicide-Suicide

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MONROE COUNTY -- State police found the bodies of Michael and Diana Buckley in Hamilton Township on Friday evening.

Troopers were called to the house when a family member asked them to do a welfare check.

Monroe County Coroner Bob Allen said the couple may have been dead for a few weeks.

Allen also believes the deaths were the result of a homicide-suicide.

He said Diana Buckley, 60, shot Michael, 62, and then herself.

The coroner said there was a note left behind which stated the couple had medical issues. The note also stated that they were now "in a better place."

Neighbors were shocked to hear the news on this quiet street.

"They were nice people. We never had a problem with them. They practically stayed in the house all the time. Sometimes you would see them come and go, but in the winter time? No. They were old," said Vicky Williams, a next-door neighbor.

The coroner is not sure when the couple died.

However, he said there were letters in the mailbox post-marked from February 5th.

Neighbors said they had no idea, especially because the past few snowstorms someone even came and plowed the driveway.

An autopsy for the Buckley's is scheduled for Monday.


  • rose

    wow why is everyone so judgemental that is what is going on in this world to day come on you want our kids and younger generations to grow up in a jidemental place my kids are well mannered as well am I . I was always told don’t have anything knd to say don’t say anything at all my hart goes out to this family in there time of grieving the lost of the love ones

  • Eric

    Wow. If the people commenting on this article are really that sensitive about their age they must have taken very poor care of themselves to be arguing about that. Then again I have never been to or heard of a place where the people are so insecure about their age. I guess chain smoking two packs a day, a twelve pack of beer and abusing prescription or illegal drugs for a decade or so will do that to a person’s appearance.

    • ME

      You’re making a lot of assumptions about how we feel and how we live. Sixty isn’t old. I believe that was the point people here were making. I bet some of them aren’t anywhere near 60, and since there’s not much one can do about aging, there’s no sense in complaining about it. We all get there, eventually.

    • Jacquie

      Linda, would you be so agreeable if a doctor misspelled your surgical procedure? Hysteroscopy and hysterectomy are very similar in spelling yet quite different procedures. Would you say, nobody’s perfect or slap a lawsuit?

  • Dayne

    Folks if a word that isn’t correctly spelled is the most appalling part of your day….. I mean come on now. Let’s keep focused and not try to act stuck up like a bunch of rich people now

    • Jacquie

      Dayne, the highlight of my day is not proof reading articles, and it’s not the most appalling thing that I find. This article itself is heartbreaking.

      What I do find appalling is the pride in work today, or lack there-of. I’m not an English teacher, I’m a nurse, I worked hard for my degree and if I made a med error based on a word mis-spelling, I think harm might come to my patient and you may find that very appalling and I, myself would be the target of one of these articles.

      Today, to get a decent job, one has to have a college education and journalism is one of them. One just doesn’t get to be a reporter fresh out of high school. The student or parent pays for that education. They pay dearly, as I paid for mine and am paying for my sons. If my son wrote an article with typo’s and punctuation errors, I’d whip him off a chastising email to let him know just how I feel that my good hard earned money has gone to waste for him to write an article without proof reading it first! It’s basic English. I had it for a nursing degree and points were taken off for errors. So, Dayne, that is why I feel I have to comment on the errors. Because, unfortunately, it isn’t just WNEP reporters, it’s many articles on the web and even in the newspapers. Hire a person to proof read, to polish it up before it posts. Take pride in the work you do. I love WNEP and would love to see them set the bar a little higher.

      • CindyLouWho

        If you’re going to harshly criticize WNEP’s spelling errors, maybe you should harshly criticize yourself for your own spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors.

        Here are a few examples:
        1. “There-of” is not a hyphenated word. You should’ve used “thereof” instead.
        2. You wrote “typo’s” when it should’ve been “typos” since the apostrophe indicates possession, whereas the addition of only an “s” indicates plural. However, a real professional would’ve used the phrase “typographical errors” instead.
        3. Why would you have sent a chastising email to your son about your “good hard earned money” going to waste when it actually would’ve been your “good, hard-earned money” going to waste?
        4. “Proofreading” is one word, not two.

        It’s basic English!

        Get over yourself!

  • Jacquie Shipose

    Such a tragedy. Thanks WNEP for the news updates, but will I ever see an article without misspellings? I find it so unprofessional when people in the past spent hours typesetting and today’s reporters just slack off and have no pride in their work, even with today’s technology.

    • Dennis

      Jacquie, these stories are more than likely converted from the actual broadcast news story by a voice recognition software like Dragon so the word “quiet” was replaced by “quite” with no human intervention. The stories are probably converted to text “on-the-fly” and put up on the website shortly after the news program runs with minimal proof-reading. Misspelling (especially your vs you’re and to and too) make me crazy, too, but this error is understandable.

      • bobc74

        No, it’s not understandable. It’s unprofessional and unacceptable for a news organization to make the same mistakes that teenagers do when they are typing text or facebook messages. If the computer is getting it wrong, hire a human to do the typing. In fact, news organizations used to employ humans to type up the transcripts for the closed captioning portion of the broadcast.

      • Jacquie

        Thank you Dennis for that information. My view is still the same, proof read it before you hit the “enter” button. My reply to Dayne will reflect why.

  • Linda L

    Old, geez I don’t think so. The need for a autopsy is what I wanted to no also. Wonder where family member’s lived.

    • ME

      Or dumb. Maybe to a 30-40 year old, 60 seems old. To me 80-90 is old. Hasn’t that lady heard that 60 is the new 40? :-)

  • Harold Smith

    So what’s the point of an autopsy? How is that in the public interest? Why not let the dead rest in peace for a change and save some taxpayers’ money?

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