Cell Phone Explosion

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Butler Township--An explosion in a home of a Schuylkill County family has shaken them. A cell phone is being blamed for the blast.

You can see burnt bedding in the home of the Eye family near Gordon. Linda Eye said a new cell phone exploded this week while on charge.

"We heard a poof almost like a gun shot, really loud. The whole room was just filled with smoke and John was like all confused of course."

John Eye is hearing impaired and explained he uses cell phones for texting.

"I went to sleep and about an hour later I heard a boom an explosion and I saw a big flame in the air."

The fire caused by the cell phone explosion slightly burned John Eye on his face. Metal surrounding the battery is twisted from the blast and John's mom, Linda knows it could have been worse.

"It's very scary,really scary. If it was in his hand it would have blown his fingers off ."

Linda Eye said she contacted Amazon Dot Com where she bought the cell.  She's waiting for a reply. Newswatch 16 reached out to Blu, the maker of the phone. The company hasn't responded. Linda Eye knows that so far the government has issued any recalls on the model of cellphone.

"I don't know if I want another one of these phones, I would like some compensation for all the stuff that was burnt and all."

The Consumer Product Safety Commission an arm of the federal government has tips on how to deal with your cell phone, especially the battery.



  • Emily

    The grammar is TERRIBLE in this article! Never before have I seen so many misspellings, run-ons, punctuation errors, and outright malformation and jumbling of sentences. Out of the many errors in this article, consider this sentence as an example: “Linda Eye knows that so far the government has issued any recalls on the model of cellphone.” That sentence doesn’t even make sense. If you want to be considered as a reputable news source, then write like one.

  • Rene Gonzalez

    It could be the battery the problem remember a while back some laptop’s batteries were splotting

  • Rosa Fiorillo

    How awful. Was the phone plugged in while in use? Because that is one of the major causes of cell phones exploding.one should never text or talk or do anything on the phone while it’s plugged into the wall… I’m glad this person is okay. that’s what matters.

  • Lore

    Why would Amazon be responsible for defective product? It should be the manufacturer of the phone!

    • jamie

      i fully agree amazon is just the supplier not the maker therefor they have nothing to do with phone being defective they even have ways for you to contact the seller directly if their is a problem my husband works for them in hazelton we love the company if something is their fault they r quick to fix it.

  • Donna Jenkins

    “Amazon Dot Com” WNEP, you are such asses. I didn’t notice any misspellings or poor punctuation as usual though.

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